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 Empire of Fangs

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PostSubject: Empire of Fangs   Empire of Fangs EmptyMon May 22 2017, 18:45

- Kame No Souga - (Empire of Claws and Fangs) -
>The Western empire that is controlled by a thick jungle and mountains. They have the guardian of the west watching over them “Byakko” Besides the armor, there is said to exist a large tiger like statue that release a roar as wind travels to it. This is to be the true body of Byakko that watches over all in the mountains and woods. Though the lands are filled mostly with jungles, never travel alone. The Cardinal of Byakko watches over the entire country as nothing can truly sneak into the empire without first coming into his view.
+ Country Data +
x. Prominent Tribes: Byakko Tribe
x. Border Policy: Normal
x. Standing Point: Peaceful
x. Climate: Slight Humidity, basically tropical jungle
x. Population: “X”

+ Government +
x. Cardinal: Byakko “Han”
x. Adviser: Byakko Priestess - Kou
x. Alliances: - - -
x. Military Strength (SPAG): 2
+ Resting Lounge +
x. Hospital + Price:
Open + Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Fully Restore HP, Chakra, Stamina)
x. Inns + Price:
Open + 50% Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Restore 50% HP, Chakra, Stamina)

+ Surrounding Countries +
^ North of: ---
v South of: ---
> East of: ---
< West of: ----
+ Hazards +
+ Bandits & Thieves
+ Notable Sights +
Empire of Fangs N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jvByakko Empire Capital - Effect: Hospital and Inn are here.
Owner: Byakko Han “Bayku”
The capital is watched over by the tall brute of a man known as Han, he was given the name Bayku to which means “Strong White Tiger Male” in the native tongue founded by their country. The capital seems to be a designed after the Aztec temples but more modern time. They are very cautious of outsides unless told otherwise by Han.
Empire of Fangs N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Jungle of the Phantom Tigers - Effect: Always come to the capital with damage and HP halved.
Owner: Byakko Empire
The empire is known for this strange jungle, as within it lies the fearsome phantom or specter tigers. Those that do not brand the mark of the Byakko Tribe will always be attacked by these beings. They do not seem to show a visible form as they rush attacking from all sides leaving nothing but blood and damage. Not even the strongest warriors have made it without being injured.
Empire of Fangs N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Info - Effect:
Desc -
Empire of Fangs N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Info - Effect:
Desc -
Empire of Fangs N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Info - Effect:
Desc -

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Empire of Fangs
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