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 Empire of Turtles

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- Kame No Teikoku- (Empire of Turtles) -
>The northern empire that is controlled strongly by the seas and the animals that live. They have the guardian of the north watching over them “Genbu” Besides the armor a large body sits on the mountain top behind the capital city within the Empire. Its said to be the true body of Genbu that watches over all that sees. Though the lands are filled mostly with water that is fresh for the turtles, it holds many dangers in it as well. The Cardinal of Genbu watches over the entire country as nothing can truly sneak into the empire without first coming into his view.
+ Country Data +
x. Prominent Tribes: Genbu, Black Tortoise, Isarai(Small Water Spring)
x. Border Policy: Normal
x. Standing Point: Peaceful
x. Climate: Moist but, never dry air cool breezes from the sea flow to the country.
x. Population: ??,000

+ Government +
x. Cardinal: Genjo “Genbu”
x. Adviser: Genbu Priestess - Suzana
x. Alliances: Seven Luckies
x. Military Strength (SPAG): 2 (+7 During Wartime)
+ Resting Lounge +
x. Hospital + Price:
Open + Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Fully Restore HP, Chakra, Stamina)
x. Inns + Price:
Open + 50% Max HP = Cost (1 Night) [Restore 50% HP, Chakra, Stamina)

+ Surrounding Countries +
^ North of: ---
v South of: ---
> East of: ---
< West of: ----
+ Hazards +
+ Bandits & Thieves
+ Notable Sights +
Empire of Turtles N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jvGenbu Empire Capital - Effect: Hopsital and Inn are here.
Owner: Genjo Genbu
The capital is watched over all that come to it, but more or less it is watched by the man that wears the powerful Genbu armored robe. The empire grows with trade of water and fresh goods for other neightboring countries. Though the Empire is part of the Seven Luckies Union the Cardinal does not shy from his duty as a cardinal.
Empire of Turtles N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Genbu Swimming Hole - Effect: n/a
Owner: Genbu Empire
At the bottom of the Genbu Statue that watches over the capital there exist a swimming hole for all to come and swim in. The water is crystal clear allowing beauty to shine when the sun’s rays hit or romance when the moonlight hits.
Empire of Turtles N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Info - Effect:
Desc -
Empire of Turtles N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Info - Effect:
Desc -
Empire of Turtles N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv Info - Effect:
Desc -
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Empire of Turtles
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