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 Rewards from Previous Event

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PostSubject: Rewards from Previous Event   Sat May 20 2017, 20:34

Due to time wise that was spend and work that everyone did on it, Everyone's Word Count will be excluded this time around.

EXP: 14000 x25% = 17500 + 4500 (Late on my part) = 22000 EXP
Ryo: EXP x1.25 = 27,500 Ryo
MF: 22,000 MF

Item - Each Player gains.
Genbu Water x1
- Restores 100% HP and Stamina

Seiryu Tear x1
- Restores 15% of MAX Nature Energy

Suzaku Feather x1
- Full revives one's HP when hitting 0.

Byakko Fang x1
- Nexus Attributes increase by 150% and +1 Ex-Action for 1 Turn.

Strange "Gold" Fragment
A strange, metal that seems to be humming with a soothing sound that seems to calling out to something. To what its truly unknown.

- This item is needed in order to compete in the future event to come.

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Rewards from Previous Event
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