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 (Private) - Meeting of Two Eyes (RP)

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(Private) - Meeting of Two Eyes (RP) Empty
PostSubject: (Private) - Meeting of Two Eyes (RP)   (Private) - Meeting of Two Eyes (RP) EmptyTue May 16 2017, 03:53

The night morning sky stilled showed above Grave as he smiled looking up at stars before noticing something quickly leaving from above the walls of Konoha. As the shadow figure vanished quickly heading away. Grave tilted his head for a moment before leaning down to hide a bit hearing voices of others following behind.

"Come on, I believe he went this way."

Three figures chased after the one figure that was seeing leaving. This was starting to make Grave curious as he vanished as well to see what the whole thing was about it was quiet night and clear skies with a gentle cool breeze blowing. As he followed closely behind. The other three were nearing the other person as Grave kept his distances for a bit before having to vanish ahead of them.

"Hmm...I wonder what's up."

Calming to a stop he glanced down staring at the figure that was running a bit as they were scanning the area before a kunai was shot off towards Grave whom moved back fast enough to have it miss but then turned to see the figure appear behind him.

"Well...these reflexes are different...but..."

Catching the fist of the figure as they had thrown a punch sliding under them he pushed up hitting the elbow causing it hyper extend it a bit then pulled the figure close to his back as he through him over his left shoulder sending them flying towards the ground.

Recovering quickly they came to a halt only to vanish once more. The shadow figure seemed to be moving slower for some odd reason but from when Grave threw them he could figure a bit as to why.

" For the body size...they are kid but a heavy one at that...could it because of weights..."

Appearing down on the ground of the forest the leaves would rustle with Grave scanning the area slowly before hearing it once more as this time a blade came flying at him from behind but was stocked by the cloak of his tailed beast Nibi-Nekomata. Grave turned to see the figure's face but was more or less shocked at what he saw.


The boy released their sword jumping back pulling another one releasing heavy breathing. The boy's eyes were a sharingan but they were sharper than anything. Turning to his right slightly Grave noticed a body on the ground before turning to see the boy covered in blood that may not have been his own.


Scanning the body he did not notice any life force coming from the body but noticed the three figures that were chasing from behind were nearing closer. The young man was breathing heavily as though he just finished a fight before hand. As he turned look behind Grave took a step forward saying calmly.

"Relax...I'll deal with them you need to rest I wish to speak with you..."

Grave continued walking pass the boy as the three figures would appear but land into the area they were standing but only find the dead body.

"There...we recovered the body...we can return it back to the village and deal with the person later."

Soon Grave appeared before them with a smiling with his eyes closed staring at them curious about the body himself.

"Care to explain why this body is so important?"

The three figures jumped back pulling their blades out one rushed the figure without worry only to be struck down with ease as Grave was holding his holy blade that was blessed by the Asakura priests.

"So...again I ask that body so important?"

The other man took a step back as he the other rushed over again yelling at the top of their lungs but Grave had released a technique of a branch of wood exploding into the figure leaving only one left as he summoned more wood to wrap and hold the last figure from moving.

"What...the hell Mokuton but are you Senju?"

Grave turned his head slowly placing his sword away learning a bit of something before turning to glance at the person once more saying.

"You could say something like that, but again I need you to answer me what is so important about that body?"

The man did not answer at all as he remained quiet before the young male came out with the red eyes vanishing saying calmly.

"Its the body of a Uchiha...with the potential of awakening the sharingan..."

Grave turned at the young man and than turned back towards the captured target before putting two and two together before closing his eyes.

"I see..."

Without hesitation Grave struck the captured shinobi down with a single blow before turning back to lift up the lifeless body. He turned to glance at the young man but then turned looking forward as he placed the body over his shoulder turning to begin walking away with the young man following. As they left the bodies of the others behind. Arriving at a nearby cave Grave placed the body against the wall turning to look at the young man.

"Tell me everything..."

The boy turned away for a bit as he first whistled in a strange tune but soon heard a bark as the dog came barking and then growling at Grave before the young man started to pet the dog.

"I'm a missing nin...of Konoha because of a mission that failed in order to take something important to me...because of that my family was torn from me I traveled for a bit before coming back. Only to have a reunion with the lost family I thought I'd gain back...but in exchange of words was not what we had...instead it was that of blades and after family is gone now...leaving only me on my own."

Taking in a bit of the story that seemed to be summed up into a nutshell Grave turned his head towards the young male body smirking a bit before turning back to face the young man saying calmly.

"The name is Grave...that is all as I figure you are Uchiha correct?"

The young male looked up nodding before turning his head saying softly.

"Its a pleasure I name is Tsuki...and this is Haku, the body their is my brother..."

Grave turned noticing figuring it was but even with that Grave turned his attentions over knowing it was time for them to get an escape for a bit before allowing things to get worse.

"Get some rest right now we'll leave here taking you and your brother with me."

Tsukiyomi glanced over at him for a bit before being confused but just accepted the offer.

(End of RP)
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(Private) - Meeting of Two Eyes (RP)
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