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PostSubject: HEY EVERYONE!!!!   HEY EVERYONE!!!! EmptyThu Aug 18 2016, 23:48

Okay everyone, for those I've been working on the guide that helps us save a bit a space and travel through the site a bit easier. This also gets us ready for the new world map that is coming to allow new players to create more countries.

Also sets up for the birth of Unions, and Union Missions. As well as some new things like the Job sections Techniques or skills for player to learn and use. Blacksmith & Inventor have actually been redone for the site and have a section on the guide on how its now suppose to be done.

Blacksmith shop will also be getting the blueprints starting Sunday. Even more so the Forge Dice is now able to be used for players for forging if one would like to wait on its use. Otherwise the system is located below here.

> Link < NEW GUIDE

> When creating rather its by your own hand or shop you will have to follow these simple rules.

1. A player must roll a Forge Dice after purchase of items from the blacksmith if wishing for him/her to forge the weapon at their shop.

1 - 4 = Epic Fail (All items shatter)
5 - 8 = Fail (2 Items survive)
9 - 12 = Success | +0 P.Effect
13 - 16 = Great Success | +2 P.Effect
17 - 20 = Excellent | +4 P. Effect

2. Next, now if you are creating a weapon from the blacksmith, depending on what is rolled afterwards determines its rarity of the weapon. NOTE This only works on players that are forging their OWN Weapons.

+ Common = 17 to 20 pts (Roll) | Forge Dice Roll x1
+ Uncommon = 34 to 40 Pts (Roll) | Forge Dice Roll x2
+ Rare = 48 to 60 Pts (Roll) | Forge Dice Roll x3
+ Super Rare = 68 to 80 Pts (Roll) | Forge Dice Roll x4
+ Legendary = 85 to 100 Pts (Roll) | Forge Dice Rolls x5

> To increase the points a player must roll a Forge Dice several times based upon what rarity they are aiming for. Mind you even if you roll for a legendary does not mean it will end up being a legendary so be ready for that. Good luck with everything everyone and please review if anything is missing PLEASE post it here to help us complete the guide and get things done thank you everyone.
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