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 Blood Ronin

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PostSubject: Blood Ronin   August 5th 2016, 19:35

+ Blood Ronin +

> This organization has grown to be known as a strange bunch, as they lost their home and now wander through country sides having a strange badge on their shoulder that reads, “Shamed” These men did not commit the ritual suicide upon the loss of the their master and continue to travel from land to land. However they have gathered to one location that takes them in and houses them for the time being. As time passes it seems a few of the them have been attacking villages for supplies and money. But they seem to be deadly with their blades one should be very wary of this.

+ - Goals:
- To find the greatest battle.
- To restore honor.

+ - Joining Requirement:
- Must have Dual Wield Ability + Two Sword Weapons.
- Must pass  Blood Ronin Ritual Battle

+ - Organization Funds:
- 450,000 Ryo

+ - Organization Leader(s):

+ - Organization Location:
- Blade Country – Village behind the Blood

+ - Organization Member(s):
- Chunin Rank x50
- Jounin Rank x25
- Kage Rank x4

+ - Organization Rank:
- Recruit
- Soldier
- Second – N – Command
- Division Leader
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PostSubject: Re: Blood Ronin   May 20th 2017, 12:01

+ Blood Ronin Ritual Battle +
+ One battles against themselves for years in order to prove to themselves they are able to battle to the fullest. Now comes the battle of a life time. They must fight a darkness they never thought existed, the darkness of wanting nothing but destruction. If one can survive this battle they obtain the Blood Ronin's respect but also the power they have wanted for so long.
+ Objective: Battle against Blood Ronin Leader. (Staff)
+ Reward: Member of the Blood Ronin + Blood Ronin Sabers x2 (15 DMG Each)

+ Recruit Missions +
+ "We have lost our honor, now we can never regain in it. But you are to go to the nearest village and take its crops and supplies as our own." That is what is written on a scroll for those that take up these missions.

+ Mission 2 +

+ Mission 3 +

+ Mission 4 +

+ Mission 5 +

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Blood Ronin
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