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 Asura Jiin's character approval requests

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PostSubject: Re: Asura Jiin's character approval requests   August 6th 2017, 11:00

Okay, ill await the blueprints please.
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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: Asura Jiin's character approval requests   August 27th 2017, 09:23

Bump man . please

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Occupation[s] : Crafter of Chakra-infused items (weapons and items), fisherman
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PostSubject: Re: Asura Jiin's character approval requests   June 14th 2018, 00:11

New jutsu approval-- Requiring approval of the updated stats and jutsu since redo for upcoming battle.

[Image - Min: 350 x 350 Max: 500 x 500
O Name + Clan: [Alias] Asura Jiin [The Crimson, The Berserker, Wildfire, Enja]
O Spouse: n/a
O Age + D.O.B: 19 + May 15th, 336
- Jounin: 22 (Older)
O Height + Weight: 5’10 + 185
O Eye + Hair Color: Amber “White when angry” | Fiery Red Hair

O Current Location: ?
ooo Birth Country: Earth Country – Missing Nin
ooo Visited Location: Iwa, Konoha, Crescent Moon Island, Road, Sea, Dream Island, Beast, Dragon, Shishen, Shinkoku, Dance

O Occupation 1: Blacksmith – Part Time | Pay Rate: 175 (wc/2000) | +10% Raise every 10 approved blueprints | Work Day: Tu,Thr,Sat
O Occupation 2: Damiyo – Full Time | Pay Rate: 50% Taxes Income from population.

O Total Income: 175 Per 2000 Words | 50% Tax Income Ryo
ooo > Ryo: 15, 190, 974 Ryo
ooo > Memory Fragment: 30,316 / 60,316 MF (100 EXP = 1 MF)
ooo > Ability Pts: 4,220 / 32,195 AP

Ninja Statistics
O Winning Percentage: 75%
- - Fights: 4
- - Win/Losses: 3/1
- - Kills: 1

000 Rep Rank + Points: C [5055/6000]
O Mission(s) Rank D:
O Mission(s) Rank C:
O Mission(s) Rank B:
O Mission(s) Rank A:
O Mission(s) Rank S:
O Quest(s):
O Union:

+ Body Fitting +
O Head Slots:
- Kanji Headband Protector [+15 End]

O Body / Back Slots:
- Hino Kagetsuchi Vest [+70 Dex + Katon DMG +40% [x1.40] | Katon Resistance -40% [x0.40] < Underwent Transformation > Legendary Rarity
- n/a

O Arm Slots:
- Golden Scroll – Uncommon Rarity | Wrist Placement

O Waist Slot:
[Left] - Akatsuki Pouch ?
[Right] – Chunin Pouch

O Legs Slots:
- Advance Kunai/Shuriken Holster [2 X 12 right]
- Golden Temple Wraps ? [+8 Brawn | +10 Dex]

+ Battle Equipment +
- Waist Pouch: Akatsuki Pouch - - L.O.E: (3 Slots | 5 Copies)
- Waist Pouch: Chunin Pouch - - L.O.E (4 Slots | 4 Copies)
O Item(s)
- Smoke Bomb X5
- Water x5
-Jutsu Scroll : (Summoning Rakshasa Brothers X2)

- Genbu Water x1 - 100% HP + Stamina
- Suzaku Feather x1 – Revive 1 target’s HP from 0.
- Byakko Fang x1 – Nexus Attributes +150% (x1.50) and +1 Ex-Attack.

O Tool(s)
Soul Shuriken x24 | DMG = 30% Sanity and Int.

O Weapon(s)
- Soul Tiger Claws – [+8 Brawn | +10 Dex | DMG: 45% Sanity + Int.

+ Attributes +
O Battle Level: 91 | EXP: 2736/9100
ooo Total Experience: 399,529
O Ranking: Academy Jounin
O Character-Type: Asura

O Health Pts: 1031/1031 [+220]

O Chakra Gauge: 100%
O Stamina Gauge: 100%
O Nature Energy: 0%

O Chakra Control: 100%
O Nature Control: 100%
O Bijuu Control: LOCKED

O Brawn: 931 [+100 – Yang Release] (+20 Gear)
O Endurance: 937 [+100 – Yang Release] (+15 Gear)
O Dexterity: 940 [+100 – Yang Release] (+140 Gear)

O Awareness: 874 [+100 – Yang Release]
O Sanity: 922 [+100 – Yang Release]
O Intelligence: 870 [+100 – Yang Release] INT/100 = +9 bonus

O Bijuu Name & Alias:
O Bijuu Elements:

O Kekkei Genkai Name: Tengan of Jiin Clan
---Tengan Mastery: 100%

O Element(s)
+ Element (1):Katon 100% > Enton 100%
+ Element (2): Doton 100% > Shouton 100%
+ Element (3): Yoton 100%
+ Element (4): Youton 100%
+ Element (5): Shounetsuton 100%

+ Abilities / Seeds +
O Ability Max (5/10)
- Katon Resistance: Katon/Katon Mixed DMG -25% | Cannot be burned
- Katon Manipulation: Able to redirect Katon [Fire] attacks up to C-Ranked | Able to use Katon/Katon Combinations with no hand seals.
Costs x2 Chakra to redirect | 23% Tengan Mastery
- Katon Dominance: Katon DMG: +25% (x1.25) | Costs Learning + Using -25% [x0.25]
- Quick Learner – T.Results +2 | INT +20 During Battles
- Heighten Senses (Eyes Lost or Closed) – Nexus Attribute x1.15 | During battle works on 1 Attribute.
Must lose eye sight + Works against “Mist” based techniques that take sight.
O Seed Limit: (0/3)
- Name - (Gain at Creation)
- Name - (Gain at Chunin)
- Name - (Gain at Jounin)
- Training Dummy
- Training Weight
- “Gold” Fragment (Quest Item) – Strange metal that seems to be humming with a soothing sound. It seems to be calling out to something to what is truly unknown.
- Icha Icha Make Vol 1
- Icha Icha Make Vol 2
- Icha Icha Make Vol 3
- Jutsu Scrolls x6
- Shinkou - Rare Raritry [+12 Brawn |Katon Dmg x1.15 | Katon Resistance x0.15 – When held]
- Shadow Chain Scythe – Super Rarity [+40 Brawn | +20 End |-3 Stealth Dice | Earth DMG x1.15 | Earth Resistance x0.15]
- White Tiger Mask - Super Rarity [ +30 Dex | +20 End | -4 Stealth Dice | Hide Face]
- Carnage – Legendary Rarity [+36 Brawn | DMG: 135 – Trigger: Red Tiger Devil Form] upon death: Revive with 1hp must be holding Carnage.
ooo Red Tiger Devil: -15% Dark Chakra | -7% Dark Chakra Per Turn | Nexus Attributes x1.25 | Chakra transferred becomes Dark Chakra
- Robes of the Fallen Savior “Madara” [DEX x1.25 | Weapon DMG x1.25 | Cannot wear/equip anything but 1 Weapon when worn.
ooo Placement: Body
- Akatuski Robe: +90 Nexus Attributes | Body Placement – Fills all body slots
- Soul Shuriken x26 | DMG = 30% Sanity and Int.
- Shadow Tiger’s Stripes [+55 Dex | -14 Stealth Dice
- Seiryu Tear x1 - +15% Nature Energy
x5 Water Bottle
- World Map
- Bingo Book
- x10 Yellow Flash Kunai
- Blood Contract: Ichibi -Shukaku

+ Tool(s)
- x4 Yang Pouch {DMG = -25 Stamina}
- x1 Yin Tag {DMG = -25 Chakra}
- x5 Tracker
-Spirit Chain Bow

+ Kunai & Shuriken Holster
- x4/4 Kunai [10]
- x14/16 Shuriken [10]
- x15 Kunai – Dmg - 10
- x80 Shuriken – Dmg - 10

Jutsu list to fight Houkou:

The Rakshasa Brothers: Bloody Mist and Chigatsumi : A Rank. (Scroll)
(Names still being considered. Using Bloody Mist and Chigatsumi for now)

Both cunning and devious, these two tigers stand out among the others of the Blood Mist Jungle. Unlike many of their peers, they take on more humanoid appearances, standing on two legs but still upholding their tiger like features. Both are dressed and armed as Shinobi, trained in many of their arts. They also have shades of black/dark violet fur with stripes on their bodies. They also wear different color scarves. The two brothers are twins, sharing many traits between them and both enjoy working together, with the occasional competitions between one another. Whether its battle or social events, the two cause trouble wherever they go. The two specialize in stealth and subterfuge tactics, making one of the Tiger tribe's most dangerous warriors.
Summons: 2 B Class Summons.
Chakra Cost: -55% (25% off costs for custom summon= -30% Chakra)
Effect: 2 Summons with +100 of Character Base Attributes
Limit: 20 Turns
Summon Details and Jutsu:

Five-Point Seal: Elemental Chaos 1.
> A powerful seal that responds to the presence of chakra nature inside a target. The result of the seal destabilizes the opponent’s strength and abilities, which makes their chakra unstable. The more elements an enemy has, the more the seal wreaks havoc on their chakra network.

+ Chakra: 55%
+ Seal Type: Odd Type: Offense
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 (Requires both hands to form) + A class.
+ Effect: When afflicted by seal, target opponent loses 50% of stats based on the following element they possess.
Fire: Lower Strength by 50%
Wind: Lower Dexterity by 50%
Earth: Lower Endurance by 50%
Lightning: Lower Awareness by 50%
Water : Lower Sanity by 50%

+Sp. Effect: If all five effects are active on one target, lower total Chakra by 50%
+Restrictions and Conditions:

+ - Sacred Tiger Claws- - > Shinsei Tora no Tsume 2.
> A sacred jutsu bound to the weapons of the Tigers. Their claws always tore their enemies to shreds, and now too can they use them to rend through space itself. By slashing at a pocket of space, one may tear through reality and cross space through the claw-shaped slash. The tears can be used for multiple purposes from fast-travel teleportation to evading enemy attacks by cutting a portal via the claws. With careful placement and proper control, one can use the portals to bypass enemy defenses or redirect an enemy's attack. One must have a clear location/idea in mind of where each tear in space occurs.
+Chakra Cost: 35% > Lvl 2 = +15%.
+ Type: Defense, Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 0 + ?
+ Effect: Instant Travel (May travel with 1 extra person through portal/contact) | User evade All Enemy Actions
+ Lvl 2: Reflect 1 Enemy Attack against new target | 1 Turn = Can’t be blocked/reflected.
+ Requirement & Restriction: Jikku Manipulation Knowledge + Must have “Tiger Claw” Weapon Equipped, forged from Shinkoku territory.
+Creator: Asura Jiin

Aetheric Synergy Seal 3.
> A seal which works by binding a powerful chakra to the caster or designated host. It works by using the elemental chakra natures bound in a target—and uses it to reinforce the strength of the seal. The stronger the chakra, the tighter the seal becomes.

+ Chakra Cost: 55%
+ Seal Type: Odd
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 5 (Requires both hands to form) + A class.
+ Effect: Seals Target w/n Object or Person
+ Sp. Effect: For every element a bijuu/chakra being possesses, it takes X number of attempts to unlock or break this seal successfully, where X is the number of elements said chakra being has.

+ - Jungle Beast Shadow- > 4
> Driven by sheer will and the might of an animal, this taijutsu utilizes the utmost dexterity and will of its user to avoid mortal injury. By driving all their muscles into their speed, one can leave an after-image of themselves as they evade harm completely.
+ Stamina Cost: 5%
+ Type: Defense + Supplementary
+ Rank: E
+ Damage + Effect: Evade 1 action.
+ Drawback: Dex reduced by .10 for two turns after use.

+ Effect: Ignores enemy defense jutsu OR direct damage to enemy. (One or the other upon situation used)

+ - Firebird Divebomb Blitz - > 6
> A fiery willpower builds up to fuel the Taijutsu user, and sends them forward like a rocket. The user moves in a fast darts of movement around the battlefield to build up momentum—and once at its climax, the person resembles a burning blur like that of a comet. The target darts above the target—and slams down with devastating force.
+ Stamina Cost: 20%
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: C
+ Effect: Direct Damage + Stun Opponent.
+ Drawback: +1 Stress
+ Requirements: Must have Third True Mantra gate, Svadhishthana active.
+Created by: Asura Jiin

+ - Sacred Spring - Ripple Punch - > 7
> A series of punches delivered by one who is proficient in both body and mind. By awakening the second gate of Svadhishthana , one's focus becomes as fluent and adaptive as water. By performing a series of punches in key points in the body, one can not only able to damage, but cripple an opponent's movement and strength.
+ Stamina Cost: 20%
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: C
+ Effect: Enemy (Nexus stat of choice) reduced by X.20 (This is stack-able)
+ Drawback: - - None - -
+ Requirements: Must have Second True Mantra gate, Svadhishthana active. + Knowledge of Medical Ninjutsu for pressure points in body.
+Created by: Asura Jiin

+ - Solar Flare Shuriken - > 8
- With dexterous form and skilled aim, the user throws a series of shuriken upon a target. While the sheer number alone is considerable—the real goal the thrower uses is to catch the sunlight for each shuriken. The result creates a bright flash from all the shuriken that blinds the target and leaves them vulnerable. " The wise shinobi uses the environment to their advantage."
+ Stamina Cost: 20% + Shuriken Used
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: C
+ Effect: Damage = Shuriken Damage X 1.25 + Blinding Status on enemy = Dice rolls are “Zero” for 3 turns.
+ Drawbacks: Minimum shuriken : 10 + Blind effect negated if no light source is around.

Tengan – Divine Eyes 5
The Tengan is the Doujutsu of the Jiin Clan. It increases their Fire Manipulation abilities and grants them Heat and Thermal Manipulation on top of that.
Chakra: 20% [To Activate] | 10%[Per Turn]
Grants: Thermal Vision | X-Ray Vision | Accelerated Vision
Effect: Dex X1.25 + Awareness X 1.25
Restrictions: Non Jiin Members + X2 to Costs
Unlocked: 25% Tengan Mastery

Tengan: Negate Genjutsu
This ability allows the user to track heat signals thought the Genjutsu, thus cancelling most Genjutsu.
Grants: Immune to S-Ranked Genjutsus or lower
Unlocked: Automatically at 30% Tengan Mastery

Tengan: Thermal Manipulation
One of the most useful abilities of the Jiin Clan is the ability to manipulate their body temperature. They can keep their natural body temperature despite freezing temperatures and even lower their own to hide from thermal detection.
Grants: Immunity to freezing. | Cannot be detected by thermal detection methods.
Unlocked: Automatically at 40% Tengan Mastery

Tengan: Extinguish
This is the ability to lower temperatures of Katon and Katon combinations to the point where they are negated.
Grants: Negates Katon/Katon Combinations.
Costs: X% X=Enemy Jutsu Cost
Rule: Cannot extinguish Cosmic Flames
Unlocked: Automatically at 60% Tengan Mastery

< Tribal Elder: Vidav—“Sage of Wisdom (Emergency revamp version) ” -- S Class. >

+ Summons one of the revered tiger elders. Vidav, the Wise. This summon, despite being one of the oldest and renown for his power, is an anthro tiger and the same height as an average person. He wears a long, deep blue shroud that covers his body and hood that obscures a good part of his face. When he does remove it, it reveals a more sage like attire. A blue and gold adorn tunic and pants. Almost a royal attire with a pendant around his neck. Hidden from that fact, he still has a lean and strong build despite his presumed age. He also wears wrapping bandages around his feet, that reveal more tiger like feet.

He is roughly around 800 years old and was a former boss of the tribe. In one time he was respected and fear for great power, but now in a more ironic twist he is known as compassionate, wise and patient. Far more than Boss Byakko is, and is a reliable council for the tiger leader. He welcomes new comers to the jungle, including humans. He takes great interest in Asura's training and seeks to initiate him into the tribe as a true member, allowing him to be the first human to become a sage to their tribe.

+ Effect: 1 Summon {S} Rank with +200 of Charachter Base Attributes. Possess 1/3 elements: Suiton. Jutsu Focus: Genjutsu and Medical Ninjutsu
+ Chakra Cost: -80% (25% off summoning Cost = -55%)
+ Limit: 10 Turns
[spoiler="Summon Details and Jutsu]
Items held:
+ Kunai Tuning Fork + X 6
An oddly made two prong kunai. It is not ideal for combat, but is capable of dealing a blow when needed. However, its more unique feature comes from its constitution of the metal. When struck, the sound it produces is clear and reacts on a high-level pitch that is almost not audible for humans' hearing. It is proven as a great tool for those who value the use of Genjutsu.
Type: Ninja Tool.
Damage: 20 + Sound Base Genjutsu cannot be blocked by earplugs.

+ Astral Cure Jutsu –
> Vidav enters a calming trance and focuses his chakra to himself or a target. The positive energy flows as chakra and enters the target to revitalize and restore a person’s body. It is similar to the mystic palm technique but radiates easily through the entire body, an evolution to man’s development in medical ninjutsu
+ Chakra Cost: -35%
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 3 + B
+ Effect: Heal X1.30 of HP + Remove one Status Condition.

+ - Tiger Eyes' Hypnotism - >
> Vidav glares into an opponent's eyes and plunges his will deep into his victim's mind. Target becomes hypnotized by the caster, unable to resist his will and do his bidding. The eyes of the tiger intimidates even the most brave. Even as the victim is hypnotized, Vidav is deeply connected to the mental state of the victim, able to read his mind effectively to determine the truth. This jutsu may also be used to interrupt the Genjutsu of another enemy, saving an ally.
+ Chakra Cost: -80%
+ Contact + Type: Sight /Touch + Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + S
+ Effect: Hypnotizes target = Caster can control actions of opponent in place of his own for a grand total of 3 turns. + Target must answer all questions truthfully. (Paralysis. Target must answer all questions truthfully-- that they are conscious of.) | Negate effect of 1 S class Genjutsu on an ally.
+ Restrictions and Drawbacks:

+ Harmonious Soul Salvation - >
> When an ally is influenced by a powerful Genjutsu, Vidav focuses his chakra into the ally’s chakra network. He matches the irregular flow to infiltrate the damaged psyche of the person via their spirit. With that, they can break the Genjutsu and restore the victim’s psyche. It’s a fusion of genjutsu and medical ninjutsu.
+ Chakra Cost: -55%
+ Contact + Type: Sight/Touch + Defense/ Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + A
+ Effect: Sanity = 100% + Negate up to S Rank Genjutsu

+ - Feral Recharge
> Via physical contact, Vidav can manipulate the dorment energy in a person’s body. He can use chakra to manipulate the cells and energy—this in turn gives a person a regeneration of stamina, as well as lessening the stress on the body.
+ Chakra Cost: -35%
+ Type: Supplementary
+ Hand Seal(s) + Rank: 1 + B rank
+ Effect: Regenerates X1.30 Stamina and lowers stress by -2.

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PostSubject: Re: Asura Jiin's character approval requests   June 14th 2018, 07:20

If these are the ones we spoke about and seeing you reworked them more then...

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PostSubject: Re: Asura Jiin's character approval requests   

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Asura Jiin's character approval requests
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