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 Wave Coutnry - Other sights

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Wave Coutnry - Other sights Empty
PostSubject: Wave Coutnry - Other sights   Wave Coutnry - Other sights EmptyMon Jun 20 2016, 00:35

Wave Country wrote:
Wave Coutnry - Other sights Wave%20Country_zpsadtnvgbg
+ A country that was very poor in the past, but has become somewhat stable with only a few things. Though it still goes without a leader or even a minor village for its protection as it requests from nearby countries for help.

+ Country Data: Basic
x. Leader: n/a
x. Prominent Clans: n/a
x. Funds + Population: ?
x. Trade Level: Normal
x. Standing Point: Friendly

+ Country Data: Advance
x. Damiyo: n/a
x. Advisers: n/a
x. Alliances: n/a
x. Military Strength (SPAG): 1
x. Majority Controller: n/a

+ Country Data: Resting Lounge
x. Hospital + Price: n/a
x. Inns + Price: n/a

+ Surrounding Countries +
^ North of: Lightning Country
v South of: Water Country
> East of:
< West of: Fire country, Storm Country

+ Notable Sights +
Wave Coutnry - Other sights N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv? - Effect: n/a
Owner: ?
Wave Coutnry - Other sights N_a%20Image_zpspbyyt9jv? - Effect: n/a
Owner: Open
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Wave Coutnry - Other sights
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