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 Hekomi [Masked] Clan

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PostSubject: Hekomi [Masked] Clan   Thu May 26 2016, 04:43

<- Hekomi Clan ->

> A clan that has existed within the shadows of most of the Earth Country, they seemed to be living in the shadows because of being exiled from the main village. Because of this they lived within a deep depression that allowed them to continue developing techniques that followed their way of pain. They came to create powerful techniques that would pull anyone into wanting to study under them. Though the techniques cannot work with just anyone it seems.

( - Clan Hierarchy - )

x Clan Elders (Adviser): n/a
x Clan Leader: n/a
x Clan Second in Command: n/a

+ Hekomi Gauge + The gauge allows one to stay into a deep pit of depression or feel hollow, because of this the clan’s defensive type jutsu require this in order to keep them fighting in battle.
+ Effect: 1 Turn = +15 Hekomi
+ Placement: Adds under Stamina Gauge

+ White or Black Mask (Item) + This mask is unique only to the member, as they carry it with them they can place it on generating a powerful rage from within. While in this form they are able to use several different form of attacks.
+ Effect: Allows use of Kimen
+ Placement:  Equips to Head Slot

( - Clan Spots - )

+ - Lesser Member - >
> Those born into this spot are not allowed to move further into the ways of the Hekomi Clan, as they do not show too much of the depression like the others. But they are able to master a different set of techniques then a Lord Member.
+ Effect: Unlock Hekomi Gauge: 000%
+ Limit: - - -

+ - Lord Member - >
> Those that are born into this position they are known to house a more darker and depressed level that goes beyond the normal means. Because of this they lead the lesser clan members in to battle. Its rare to see them to be born in to the family but its said that if five are born, they could over throw 2 of the Five Great Shinobi Countries with ease.
+ Effect: Unlock Hekomi Gauge: 000% | BRW x1.25
+ Limit: 6/10
+ Hekomi Akane
+ Hekomi Emi
+ Hekomi Isamu
+ Hekomi Kin

( - Clan Abilities - )

+ - Kawa  - >
> One is able to hide their true nature allowing them to seem friendly even though they are not. This can cause confusion for some as they battle against these characters.
+ Type: Passive
+ Effect: Nexus Attributes x1.15
+ Limit: 3 Turns
+ Drawback: Cannot use Kimen
+ Price: -750 AP

(- Clan Jutsu - )

+ - Kimen – Devil’s Face - >
> A strange mask will use the chakra of the user, they carry this mask in their pouch as its unique only to them. Once its placed on the eyes will turn golden and the voice will sound like its echoing or being possessed by a greater demon.
+ Chakra & Hekomi Cost: -14% | -7%
+ Type: Supportive
+ Rank: ?
+ Effect Nexus Attributes x1.25
+ Requirement: Genin Rank + Place White/Black Mask On

+ - Hagane Gaihi – Steel Outer Skin - >
> Focusing on their depression one is able to transfer it into their skin causing it to take on the attributes of steel causing certain attacks to do no damage however this is can vary based upon on how strong one is.
+ Chakra & Hekomi Cost: -12% | -6%
+ Type: Defensive + Supportive
+ Rank: ?
+ Effect “ Hekomi “X” = +END
+ Requirement: Genin Rank + Hekomi Gauge

+ - Shi Unari – Howl of Death ->
> When used the mask will open allowing the mouth to be shown as they fire a powerful burst of air. One can sense that it causes great destruction even before contact. Its best to avoid this technique as death follows it from behind.
+ Chakra & Hekomi Cost: -16% | -8%
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: ?
+ Effect Opponent’s -15% HP [x0.15] | (upon contact) [HP "0" = KO] | Only If +15% More Sanity than target.
+ Requirement: Genin Rank + Kimen must be active

+ - Rei – Zero - >
> The power of this technique gathers chakra into the center point of the member as they take aim firing with great force, it can vary on color but the most common is a crimson red. As it travels its power is nothing but to bring devastation.
+ Chakra & Hekomi Cost: -24% | -12%
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: ?
+ Requirement: Kimen Learned + Shi Unari Learned + Chakra Control: 25%

+ - Shi Kaki – Fence of Death - >
> The invisible barrier that protects the Hekomi clan from dangerous techniques. Its only with the use of the Hekomi’s clan abilities can they survive almost any technique. But pushing it to a certain point they cannot be defeated in battle from the looks of it.
+ Chakra & Hekomi Cost: -16% | -8%
+ Type: Defensive
+ Rank: ?
+ Effect Blocks DMG = [Total Costs]
+ Requirement: Shi Unari Learned + Rei Learned

( - Kinjutsu - )

+ - Gouki Kou Rei – Grand Lord Zero - >
> Once mixing the blood of the user they can fire a powerful version of the Rei attack, its raw power causes it to shape different as it increases and decreases in size because of speed. Its noted that this technique is forbidden cause of it using blood from the user.
+ Chakra & Hekomi & HP Cost: -32% | -16% | -"X" HP
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: Clan
+ Effect: HP Traded = DMG (After use MAX HP halved 2 days)
+ Requirement: Rei + Chakra Control: 75% + Lesser Member

+ - Kuroshi Rei – Black Death Zero - >
> A high speed Rei that travels faster than a normal and its power is beyond that of Grand Lord Zero. When fired if one is unable to dodge the attack’s damage is massive and heavy onto the target. Causing their body to slow down because of the internal damage. One should be careful using this technique as the massive drain it takes from them. Its forbidden because of the massive damage it can cause but also because the amount of chakra it takes to create the power.
+ Chakra & Hekomi Cost: -40%
+ Type: Offensive
+ Rank: Clan
+ Effect DMG +X% (1st shot x1.25, 2nd shot x1.50, 3rd shot x1.75 < Max) + Roll for this technique decreases based upon shots x2. (1 shot = -2 etc). (Note: The shot will only reset at end of battle)
+ Requirement: Rei + Chakra Control: 100% + Lord Member
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Hekomi [Masked] Clan
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