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 Orocchi Kuro (Kumo Criminal)

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Orocchi Kuro (Kumo Criminal) Empty
PostSubject: Orocchi Kuro (Kumo Criminal)   Orocchi Kuro (Kumo Criminal) EmptySat May 07 2016, 02:36

Knowledge wrote:
Orochi Kuro

History >
+ A young male within the middle age of 20's. Given special training in order to be drafted into the special ops of the Raikage. However things seemed to slowly decline with the mental stages of the young male. As soon the missions were coming the main objection and killing the target as well as team members was second in order to keep any and everything secret. Cover ups were kept in order to keep the shinobi safe for a bit until later years later. The target tried to assassnate the current Raikage and steal a very powerful articaft.

Codename, "Black Snake." the young male has fled the country going into hiding it seems. The Lightning Country wish to locate and possibly capture the target alive in order to extract information of previous missions.

Criminal Rank: S
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Battle Level: "??"
Element: Doton (Earth)

Location: "??"
Equipment: "??"
Most Used Techniques: "??"

Clues Needed to Locate: 5

+ Reward +
Alive: Player's Rep x 25
Dead: Player's Rep x 10
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Orocchi Kuro (Kumo Criminal)
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