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 Asakura Xaoh (Kumo Criminal)

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Asakura Xaoh (Kumo Criminal) Empty
PostSubject: Asakura Xaoh (Kumo Criminal)   Asakura Xaoh (Kumo Criminal) EmptySat May 07 2016, 02:25

Knowledge wrote:
Asakura Xaoh

History >
+ Born within the family lines of the Asakura, a spiritual founding clan. The young shinobi was unbeatable in some marital combat. The soon to be criminal commit crimes against the Lightning Country. By killing their teammates during mission and destorying important documents that was meant to show locations of important relics or artifacts. After running from the Lightning Country it was believed they obtain a strange power that only few could control. The Asakura Clan leaders expect this to be the work of dark and powerful techniques. They wish to capture the criminal to bring in for questioning.

Be on guard as other have been sent, but only few have return physically but with mental damage that could not be healed.

Criminal Rank: S
Shinobi Rank: Jounin
Battle Level: "??"
Element: Katon (Fire) + Rengokuton (Purgatory)

Location: "??"
Equipment: "??"
Most Used Techniques: "??"

Clues Needed to Locate: 5

+ Reward +
Alive: Player's Rep x 25
Dead: Player's Rep x 0
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Asakura Xaoh (Kumo Criminal)
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