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 D. Occupations

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< - Occupation - >

> Working hard every week means getting paid for the things done. Complete the task of the job and get paid every Friday or Saturday if missing the payday. After which if post up the location of where the job was performed and link it to the update so pay can be given.

Reading an Occupation:

+ - Assassin - >
> Sneak around countries and villages during the day or night and take out the targets. Death is something one should not fear as its something that is brought forth to others that have commit crimes.
+ Task: Kill Target(s)
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 150 Ryo (WC/300) (+15% Raise Every 5 Kills) (PC Hired)
+ Work Days: Monday - Friday

+ - Body-Guard (OVER)- >
> Protect someone of rather importance or be hired by a, “RP” and protect them from harm. No matter the case their life will always be at stack so be ready for anything. As place your life in danger will earn you cash.
+ Task: Protect Target(s)
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 150 Ryo (WC/200) (+15% Raise Every 5 Protected) (PC Hired)
+ Work Days: Monday - Friday

+ - Teacher + Tutor - >
> Train and teach the next generation of shinobi what it means to learn and protect their home land. In some cases you will sometimes take up a small team in order to train them. But the higher the rank the more pay.
+ Task: Teach
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 125 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 10 Teachings)
+ Work Days: Monday - Friday

+ - Priest or Monk & Priestess - >
> Those that are monks sever the ways of the spirit world. Helping cast away demons and unwanted spirits, one is able to see spirits or lie about it. Now remember you are good no matter what do not stray from the path of righteousness.
+ Task: Exorcism or Prayers
+ Time: Part-Time
+ Pay Rate: 100 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 20 Exorcisms/Prayers)
+ Work Days: Sunday & Monday & Friday

+ - Police + Military Enforcer (OVER) - >
> Enforcing the laws of the country is what is needed within the life now a days. As crimes will appear in countries and villages one must enforce the laws. Be ready for anything sometimes criminals may be stronger.
+ Task: Protect, Solve Crimes, Caught Theives
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 115 Ryo (WC/200) (+10 Raise Every 15 Days) (IRL)
+ Work Days: Monday - Saturday

+ - Medic (OVER) - >
> The hardest thing is mastering the powers of chakra control. This allows one to learn how to heal others and being support for teammates allowing the use of high level intelligence and chakra control.
+ Task: Help sick/wounded
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 200 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 20 Lives saved)
+ Work Days: Monday - Saturday

+ - Scientist - >
> Wish to know and master the "way of life." Studying every living being on this planet is the goal of a scientist until they are able to understand everything one the planet we live on.
+ Task: Experiment, test or find new diseases (Battle Effects)
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 200 Ryo (WC/200) +10%
+ Work Days: Monday - Saturday

+ - Inventor - >
> Having the ability to use items is the same as creating them. Just remember the first invention that is created of an item is to keep. While the rest go for sell, and can only be found where ever shop is set up.
+ Task: Create new Items
+ Time: Part-Time
+ Pay Rate: 175 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 10 Items Approved)
+ Work Days: Monday & Wednesday & Friday

+ - Blacksmith - >
> Having the ability to use weapons as well create them. Creation comes from blueprints which blacksmith help with designing. Blueprints will be added to the blacksmith if sold to him. But also allows creation of one's own weapons.
+ Task: Create new Weapons & Gear
+ Time: Part
+ Pay Rate: 175 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 10 Blueprints Approved)
+ Work Days: Tuesday & Thursday & Saturday

+ - Shop Worker (OVER)- >
> Helping around a shop means getting a discount in the shop wanting to work in. Be aware can only work in one shop. But help out the owner and maybe become a store manager of a personal shop.
+ Task: Help at a Shop (Optional) - Cannot be Blacksmith Shop
+ Time: Part-Time
+ Pay Rate: 100 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 15 Days) (IRL)
+ Work Days: Monday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday
+ Special: -10% Discount on Items in Shop (Optional)

+ - Shop Owner - >
> Finally moved up to become an owner to sell personal items and accessories to others in the country of choosing. Now making  own prices in order to make bank. But remember that whatever the profit goes to shop's home country.
+ Task: Run a Full Time Shop
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 220 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 50 Personal Items Sold)
+ Work Days: Monday - Saturday
+ Requirement: Purchase of Shop License - 2,500 Ryo + Shop Worker for 2 Months
+ Stock: Inventions = Unlimited Stock | Forged Items = must be Stocked

+ - Daimyo - Feudal Lord - >
> Ruler of the country, they are allowed to over through any ruling made by Village Leaders/Kages. They are heavily guard an unable to leave. Meaning certain things are locked to you once accepting this position.
+ Task: Lead a Country, Pass Taxes, Bills, Laws.)
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 50% Tax Income from Population
+ Work Days: Monday - Saturday
+ Restrictions: Unable to leave country

+ - Village Leader | Kage - >
> Control over a village is rather important as one will have to watch over the country and defend against ongoing enemies. Now the citizens see a hero so be sure to own up with getting paid by the people's smile.
+ Task: Help sick/wounded
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: Daimyo Pays from Personal Pocket
+ Work Days: Monday - Saturday

+ - Village Adviser - >
> Help with decision making skills for the Village Leader/Kage. Sometimes their decision is for the best but in other times they can lead to downfall of other leaders if not careful.
+ Task: Help sick/wounded
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: Daimyo Pays from Personal Pocket
+ Work Days: Monday - Friday

+ - Special Ops [ANBU | ANBU Ne’ | Hunter – Nin] - >
> Being chosen to be part of a special team. No matter what one must obey and listen to every order and protect that person that hired you. Now gear up and keep secrets safe as missions will be given.
+ Task: Take on Tasked Missions or Complete random surveillance
+ Time: Full-Time
+ Pay Rate: 180 Ryo (WC/200) (+10% Raise Every 10 Tasked Missions Completed)
+ Work Days: Monday - Friday
+ Requirement: Request to Kage or Village Leader[/quote]
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D. Occupations
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