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 + The Tree of Deities +

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PostSubject: + The Tree of Deities +   December 27th 2015, 21:30

x The Tree of Deities x

x Over  a millennium has pass since the dawn of mankind, after which wars continued to spread through the world only to engulf it in flames and destruction. Though as blood would flood into the soil of the planet a mighty tree would be born from this destruction. Which would continue to feed from the blood that fell on to the soil It grew reaching into the heavens. Some believed it was a sign from the Gods themselves to stop battling others believed it to be a threat but no matter what the battles did not stop as they continued on and on.

x Though people began to notice a piece of fruit growing a strange fruit that everyone believed to be holy and should never be touched by anyone or anything. Because of its appearance it was left alone for many years until a princess decided she would take the fruit and use it to end all conflict on the planet that mankind had start to bring forth. From that moment on she did, conflict had stopped completely as she took control of the world ending all conflict however this also started a downfall for the princess herself as she was seen as a Goddess now she would soon turn for the worse becoming a demon that people would grow in fear of.

Key Note
- The mighty tree would be called Shinju and the fruit that grew with it was a forbidden fruit that nobody even knew how it came to be.
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+ The Tree of Deities +
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