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+ Time/Space Manipulation + Empty
PostSubject: + Time/Space Manipulation +   + Time/Space Manipulation + EmptySun Dec 27 2015, 21:14

x Time & Space Manipulation x

x The power to control the space-time continuum is not fully understood but one is able to bend the space/time around them. By manipulation a specific point of space. The user can warp anything that is targeted or touched into a dimensional void. This can also be done to teleport instantaneously to another location in seconds. The reason behind is because of the chakra around the user is what is causing the break in time and space. Now it person that uses a time/space technique CANNOT use another’s time/space technique or be linked together UNLESS they have been synchronized to that respective dimension. This however causes one to burn up a large amount of chakra to even do so, also it requires the knowledge of time/space and the technique that is being performed in order to do so.

Key Notes
Space/Time (Means a large Space where Time is distorted)
Time/Space (Means a large amount of Time, where Space/Travel is cut greatly)
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+ Time/Space Manipulation +
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