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 6. Jounin Rank Mission(s) (Mission Rank S)

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PostSubject: 6. Jounin Rank Mission(s) (Mission Rank S)   December 1st 2015, 02:20

~ Jounin Rank Missions ~

Mission Type: Repeatable
Mission Rank: S
Mission Location: Varies

x Moving up to the higher rank and proving to others that missions are needed to be completed with sense of understanding to keep not just yourself safe but the entire team. Move quickly but also smart in order to continue to grow. The missions now will be a extremely hard, as one will have to battle shinobi forces left and right. Assassination a Daimyo, Transporting dangerous documents, or Massacring an family or entire clan. x

~ Requirements ~
+ Battle Level: +45
+ Jounin Rank
+ Word Count: 2450 at least (to complete) + Option Task

~ Mission Option ~
Option A - Assassination [Daimyo Level] + Shinobi Force x8 [Rank Jounin]
- Sneak into the village and kill the Daimyo be warned though they have shinobi forces always guarding them.

Option B - Transportation [Document, Item or Weapon] + Shinobi Force x6 [Rank Jounin]:
- Given a powerful piece of importance the job is to deliver the object to the needed personally. However there will be shinobi forces chasing after.

Option C - Massacre: [Family or Clan] + Shinobi Force x18 [Rank Jounin]
- The task is to kill an entire clan or family depending on how one views it. Wipe them from the face of the earth or allow one to live the call is yours but remember revenge will always spread.
[Clan on Site with [Green] can be targeted one with [Red] Cannot. This includes custom clans with creator approval.]

~ Rewards ~
+ Reputation Points: +450
+ Ability Points: +1225
+ Payment: Words x 2

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6. Jounin Rank Mission(s) (Mission Rank S)
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