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 ~Reviving One's Past: Part 4~ {Hayabusa|Kokoro|Heise|Shizou|Fugaku}{Group Training|Spar}{Multiple Stats}

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~Reviving One's Past: Part 4~ {Hayabusa|Kokoro|Heise|Shizou|Fugaku}{Group Training|Spar}{Multiple Stats} Empty
PostSubject: ~Reviving One's Past: Part 4~ {Hayabusa|Kokoro|Heise|Shizou|Fugaku}{Group Training|Spar}{Multiple Stats}   ~Reviving One's Past: Part 4~ {Hayabusa|Kokoro|Heise|Shizou|Fugaku}{Group Training|Spar}{Multiple Stats} EmptyFri Nov 13 2015, 14:40

Fugaku activated his Sharingan as he then watched his son prepare an attack, not using chakra for some odd reason… but just then, he saw him vanish from sight.
“What kind of technique is this…” he thought to himself…
“Um… Uncle… he’s gone…”
“What happened, I wonder…”
“Something with his friends…”
“Well… lets go…” he said.
“No… he said things are fine…” she said, pretending she contacted him telepathically, when really, she didn’t want to be seen by Hayabusa. Nor did she want Fugaku to realize that she and Shizou knew Hayabusa either… the two were the only ones to know that Shizou and Hayabusa were blood brothers, and Fugaku knowing that they knew this information would probably mess up the grand plan…

Else where, Hayabusa’s eyes shot open. Normally he would be fast acting, but he feared for Heise’s mental state… he had been so close to the end of the procedure that Hayabusa was unsure if he mentally restabilized correctly. But, as Hayabusa studied him, it seemed everything had been fine. But this seemed not to be the time to rejoice. Hayabusa stood up, diminishing his crystal table and the chair, and running outside after Heise, knowing he’d be the first to bolt out the door. He came outside to the dead bodies of many.
“Do… Do I even want to know…” he said looking at Wukong.
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~Reviving One's Past: Part 4~ {Hayabusa|Kokoro|Heise|Shizou|Fugaku}{Group Training|Spar}{Multiple Stats}
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