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 Crow Hunter/Vritra

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PostSubject: Crow Hunter/Vritra   September 13th 2015, 01:15

O Name: Crow Hunter
ooo Alias: Vritra Xiloscent
O Spouse: N/A
O Clan/Bijuu: Hiraishin Clan, Royal Hiraishin Clan Member
O D.O.B: 7th August
O Age: 21
O Height: 7'0"
O Weight: 250 lbs
O Eye & Hair Color: Crow has short light-gray-ish/white-ish/silver hair that is generally hanging in front of his face or is spiked hair. The sides of his hair, around the ears is shaved. His eyes are pure black.

O Birth Village & Loyalty: Kumo
O Current: Kumo
ooo Visited: Kumo

O Ex - Job: [Complete Seed's Requirements] [Max: 1]
O Job 1: Choose 1st Job
O Job 2: Choose 2nd Job
O Job 3: Choose 3rd Job

O Total Income: 0 Ryo
ooo Ryo: 0 Ryo
ooo Member Credit: 0 MC
O Ability Pts: 0 AP

+ Battle | Mission | Team Data:
+ Body Fitting:

+ Attributes:


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PostSubject: Re: Crow Hunter/Vritra   September 13th 2015, 09:28

The Tale of Crow Hunter

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Crow Hunter/Vritra
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