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 Restriction Unbound

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PostSubject: Restriction Unbound   Restriction Unbound EmptyFri Sep 04 2015, 17:33

Quote :
Hello Everyone,

> Good Evening, as you all know we had a restriction lock on the EDITING of one's posting because of control to keep words and the information quick and maintained in order for everyone to see what they write and understand a choice is made once its made its made kind of deal, the time was allowing members to edit their posts for up to 45 minutes of posting. Now, you have unlimited amount of time. Even more so the areas of or in which players have multiple threads will be cleaned off. Please note that its not like a deletion this allows everyone to be able to edit and quick and easy with out fear. So you are now able to edit your bios to keep them up to date. The Memory Scroll section will be used only for links of training as before. The New location for everyone to start their information will be located under the Kunochi and Shinobi area. What this means is, If you are playing a character make sure to place the bio under the ACTIVE section so we can see and others can review. Now at the moment I know everyone is wondering what happen to the location of items and what not, please not I had removed them to clean. The site is very trashed and unfinished which is why im trying my hardest keep the site going and coming up with ways of making information easier and cleaned.

> Thank you for the support and forgive me for everything else let's continue to move forward as Jidai will be a corporation of the future design.

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Restriction Unbound
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