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 Taki Country: Protection from the new threat (Event)

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Taki Country: Protection from the new threat (Event) Empty
PostSubject: Taki Country: Protection from the new threat (Event)   Taki Country: Protection from the new threat (Event) EmptyFri Jun 05 2015, 09:25

Grave, Sou Yoh, Yiniko and Phantom all arrived into the waterfall country only to see the battles happening Grave was shocked at the scene of everyone battling trying to fight against everything. “Shit…I didn’t think this was happening if its happening here then it means it must be happening everywhere.” Sou looked at Grave and everyone, “What’s the plan then what should we do?” Grave thought about it sadly then nodded, “Alright, everyone here’s the plan Phantom I need you to be on the defensive and protect the citizens from harm and help the other shinobi as well. Sou and Yoh use your techniques to push the enemies back and keep them from attacking the citizens. Yinik,o stay with me just in case some decided they want to sneak pass our first line of defense. We cannot allow them to get pass and hurt the citizens at all. Now everyone let’s move with the plan and get this taken care of is that understood!” Everyone nodded with a smile vanished to perform their own job rushing over. Phantom ran over to see the figures running over to attack some a woman and her child however Sou and Yoh moved in with their attacks. “Here we go brother!” Weaving the hand seals Sou pulled back only to release the rush of flames taking the form of dragon heads, that would start traveling towards the enemies. While Yoh would rush over to grab the villagers pulling them away but weaving his own hand seals, “Fuuton – Atsugai!” Releasing the chakra from his mouth he fired backwards to escape but increase the damage of the katon technique that his brother fired at the same time. Leaving the enemies blown backwards and on fire with that moment Grave smirked knowing that everyone was safe for the time being. But Phantom moved into to get ready for his attack, “Hmmm.” The shinobi stood before weaving his hand seals slapping his palms to the ground. “Doton – Hasaiki…” The ground from under the enemies start to create sections of rock that start coming forth from the surface crushing the enemies like jaws from the dirt. Leaving only them to be stuck for a moment as the rescue plan continued. It was not long before Hanzo appeared with his other followers landing beside Grave and his team.

“Thank you for showing up, Why are they attacking though is this some new enemy?” Hanzo was very curious but was taken by surprise just like Grave was when the enemy had appeared staying focus was the best needed action at the time as he gripped tightly on his blade. He slowly whispered over saying, “Honestly…I cannot tell you for sure they were in my country as well so after we cleared them out I decided it was best to check my allies just in case cause of a gut feeling and it seems I was right about this.” After speaking Yiniko landed behind Grave whispering into his ear, “Everyone has been moved to a safe location and the others will regroup shortly.” Smiling with that knowledge Grave would slightly nod his head before looking back over at Hanzo, “Sir I need you to get to safety I do understand that you are still the leader of the village but the country is on the line and I need you to pull back just for a bit while I handle the things here okay?” Hanzo stared at Grave with a slight glare as though he knew that battling would lead to some form of destruction of the village but the people were safe and Grave had appeared to take care of everything it seemed. “Fine… you have more experienced with whatever this things are anyway good luck.” Before Hanzo could walk away Sou appeared waving his hand in the form of asking a question, “By any chance did you see a weird looking one with a symbol on its forehead that reads Kou?” Hanzo thought for a moment placing his hand on his chin, “No, actually I did not we were all just leaving the world of peace to what its been then suddenly one of the villagers screamed and then the horde of them just started waving in.” Yoh turned his head towards Grave nodding, “Just like what happen with us, I do not believe this is by some form an accident or mere coincidence honestly. Grave what do you think this is?” Grave thought for a moment to put together the pieces of what was happening.

“This seems like an invasion of something bigger something that does not seem right at all like we are all being hunted but the fact they came from nowhere is what bugs me. Wait a minute they came from the ocean, they never came by boat for us…where then did they come from when you were here Hanzo?” Standing to think about it the villager had ran from the location of the eastern boarder of the village with north leading to the ocean and hikari country. “I’d say from the east why?” Grave then nodded saying, “Because they had attacked our village first before moving towards the cities.” Grave thought carefully about the point of origin until Phantom had returned pointing only to speak his one line. “Target…” Blinking to that everyone turned to see more creatures coming and the ones Phantom had trapped breaking free as well. “Well seems time is up okay Hanzo thank you that helped me understand a few things at least.” Hanzo nodded only to run of leaving Grave and the others to deal with the figures coming into Taki. Yoh stood next to Grave asking him a question, “Hey what did you figure out?” With that moment he could only nod to explain to everyone, “Our enemies are coming from the eastern part of the country they crossed over by water to get to us but never took a boat, instead possibly walked underwater but the fact that they hit the village first before making it towards the cities first mean the first thing they would see and attack would be us. If that is how they are working but we need to first find the ruler and take it out so we can clear the village from harm for good I do not have time to stand around letting them destroy or hurt anyone else. Cause if anything that means…Lightning, Ame, and Shadow country are being attacked by these figures as well. No telling how much as been caused by these guys as well so be on guard, Phantom stay defensive, Yoh and Sou move to front line Yiniko behind me and I’ll stay close between Sou and Yoh, the main plan is not waste to much energy push them back with whatever you have after which scan the area for the ruler one once pointed out I’ll head off to take care of it. Now let’s get the formation defensive arrow set up!”

Everyone nodded with the rush of attacks coming towards everyone Phantom’s first thought was to perform his doton technique once more, “Doton – Hasaiki!” The crushing wall once again appeared but this left a change for an ever greater assult as Grave waved his hand for Sou and Yoh to move in for their attacks. “Hey, Phantom has that earth defense thing down pretty good better flow up then.” Weaving his hand seals, he pulled back only to release the fire theme technique taking the form of dragon heads. Yoh followed his brother’s actions using the wind technique once again as well, “Fuuton – Atsugai!” The blowing the wind from his mouth increased the flames power as well the holding the figures within the earth gave it an easy way of attacking to blow everyone of them backwards as the rocks would crumble for the techniques power and wind slicing. Leaving them pushed back a bit everyone then moved to the formation once again before Grave waved his hand back with the three males jumping back leaving Grave to take a step pulling his blade back to yell out, “Ten Seibai!” This added the damage greatly as the rush of energy fired across the field to push them back even further. Yiniko stood in the back scanning the enemies for weak points and seeing if any of them were the ruler they were looking for but so far nothing had came up.

“Status report everyone!” Grave yelled as he stood ahead of everyone. “Yoh, here doing alright so far but using that technique twice takes the breathe out of you.” Sou smiled and slightly laugh before saying, “Sou here still alive as well, but turning the heat on the enemy does not seem to be roasting them at all.” Smiling at his brother Yoh just laughed lightly until they heard Phantom speak, “Pushed back.” Sou and Yoh stared at one another before having Yoh saying, “He could have said, The enemies stuck in the earth like a sink hole or maybe just brining mother nature to lunch or something at least.” Sou nodded his head before Yiniko shook her head about it all. Before saying to Grave, “The enemies are still coming and the contact for the ruler has still not shown up if anything we should pull back for a bit to heal if we can but otherwise we are stuck until we can get a moment to rest or if the ruler even shows up.” Grave nodded to this before saying lightly, “You all rest up for a bit I’ll take care of the enemies for a while I’ll just use Ten Seibai to push them back and hold them off for a little bit.” Rushing off he placed Jouten by his side to swing at the enemy leaving the others to heal by Yiniko. “Great if he wastes are of his energy we’ll all be a sitting duck you know…” Yoh said as he was sighing about it. But Sou shook his saying, “No, Grave’s not even going to use that kenjutsu at all, he’s pushing them back with his brute force of will if anything we have to continue looking for the enemy’s ruler if we plan on taking these fuckers out. But we need a real plan if anything…” Phantom then tilted his head saying, “Up” Thinking about it Yiniko looked up with an idea, “He’s right!” Sou and Yoh glanced one another before looking at up as well. “Hey…that could work if anything…” Yoh said.

While facing against the enemy Grave was feeling himself slowly starting to tire out but it was from the battle from before, ‘Crap…I over did it the last fight if anything I’ll be out for the count soon.’ It was not until Nekomata’s voice appeared before him to whisper into his ear, “Calm yourself, you will be fine if anything we just need to clear out the enemies before they even come at us. Keep pushing them back the others will be healed soon to help us deal with the problem at hand if anything Im sure we can find the ruler faster as well by entering a fight.” During which Grave was blocking attacks while scanning the field like last time but was unable to even pinpoint the actually location of the ruler themselves. But he was even unsure how he was going to be able to pull it off with the fact he was running low on his own energy at least that’s how it seemed to him when really he was perfectly fine. But the fact of the battle and being choked he did not really take time to recover from the last match and buying time was taking up a lot of strength. Soon after missing a block for an attack the enemy was about to crush Grave only for him to roll away sliding from the attack, “Great…this could go better.” As soon his words were spoken the earth spiked up crushing the enemies leaving Grave questioning what had happen only then to notice Phantom beside him. “Up” Grave blinked for a moment and looked up as Yiniko and Yoh were scanning the area for something from above while on top of the large trees branches. “I see…go work.” Sou soon ran over waving, “Yeah they decided to move up while we stay down here to guard the location. But that’s not as easy as it sounds it seems.” Sou smiled only to have Grave slowly kneel down breathing heavily, “Damn…seems it caught up with me after all.” Sou glanced at Grave before whistling for Yiniko to come down as Sou and Phantom noticed Grave’s neck was still damaged from the outside.

“Think you can heal him while Phantom and I take care of the enemies I’m sure Yoh will find them soon.” Grave laid back a bit as Yiniko started working on his neck carefully trying to heal the damage that was caused from the figures from the previous battles, “You keep fighting like this how are we suppose to get paid if you die on us.” Grave’s eyes closed for a bit to rest as he could only smirk about the idea of that happening it was not until soon the attackers started moving in to attack once again but Phantom and Sou moved to protect Grave and Yiniko until the healing was completed. Battling without his friends Yoh continued to search the area for anything or anyone that could stick out. It was not until he noticed in the distances something sitting. Taking into note the last one did the same thing as well but had a bigger one guarding it in a way. It seemed Grave was about to become happy with the information that Yoh had obtained. Turning to scan the area carefully he jumped down to help his brother out in the battle before getting back to back with Sou and Phantom. Phantom just lightly said, “Found?” with question to his voice it seemed but Yoh started understand the man a bit only for him to answer, “Hell yeah, and its even better cause its just east of as well just like they are pouring from.” Sou blinked to hear that and just shook his head, “So its as Grave said, they are coming from the east meaning something is creating these things or just they came on their own free will.” Yoh started to punch and block attacks as they continued to talk during the battle moving away from Yiniko. “Where’s Grave at anyway?” Yoh yelled out during a battle, Phantom yelled out softly, “Healing.” Yoh was amazed that Grave needed to heal for this as Sou moved in closer to his brother saying, “It seems he took damage just like us from the last battle but tried to walk it off. We should be on guard if anything and just wait until he’s able to move again. I rather not push it without him.” Yoh nodded to that but then stated, “no we cannot, Grave may have hired us but he’s been fighting harder then we have and pushed the enemy back a bit more than us so we have to move also he gave us land to live our lives out on the country he calls home so we should not disrespect that kindness!” Within that moment a figure moved behind Yoh to bring its blade down as Sou and Phantom seemed unable to move in time Yoh would turn to see the blade near him but suddenly break never making contact to him.

Blinking with a still body the figure had vanished being fired backwards with Grave standing in the spot that the figure was standing to bring the sword down on Yoh, “I’m proud of you wanting to fight harder than me and repay my kindness, but I cannot have you all getting yourselves killed over this crazy crap at least not until we can see the end of it all. Now Yoh I need a status report right now!” Yoh smiled seeing Grave was in the strange matou style he created for the bijuu to full form itself into a humanoid figure becoming almost godly like. Yoh had nodded saying, “Just like Hanzo stated they are coming in from the east as well from what we talked about earlier, but it seems the ruler is also from the east as well. The only thing I could not tell for sure if the target was being guarded like the last one.” Grave took note on the guarding figure that was strong enough to hold Grave back but made him excited to deal some form of damage. “Right…everyone move back and check on the villagers I’ll handle the Ruler again if anything. But make sure none of the smaller ones get pass us no matter what the plan calls for is that understood.” Everyone nodded slightly but then smiled as Phantom came in to say, “Paycheck.” Sou, Yoh and Yiniko stared at Phantom for that moment before laughing hard.

Grave smiled saying, “Yes you’ll get paid today for sure but first we need to protect this village… and this home!” Vanishing quickly Grave raced through slashing at the figures holding his Matou form up before ducking left and right to have attacks miss him it was not until he was spoken to by Nekomata, “There Grave he’s right in front of us!” Turning his head Grave nodded vanishing as time was running low on the young man as he neared the Ruler the soon large guard started moving into the way of attack. As it reached over to punch Grave dead in the face he blocked the attacked with Jouten only to launch himself over the larger one to bring down the blade swiftly onto the ruler’s neck slicing with a swift amount a speed with matou ending leaving him standing with a smile on his face. “That took care of you.” The ruler started yelling in pain it seemed before vanishing leaving nothing as though nobody was ever in the village. Soon after everyone came from hiding as the battles had finally ended. “You did it Grave…how did you?” Hanzo said lightly, “I’m not sure but the one with Kou on its forehead is the main target or controller of these things killing it ends them it seems. So its best to stay on guard if you see one, but I need to head to the lightning country and see if everyone is alright there.” Smiling Hanzo nodded understanding but was more grateful to Grave and the mercenaries for coming to the village to save everyone.

EXP: 3118
s.EXP: 624
+ Defeated: Ruler in Taki
+ Taki Saved

Total Ruler Kill: 2
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Taki Country: Protection from the new threat (Event)
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