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 Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers!

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Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers! Empty
PostSubject: Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers!   Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers! EmptyThu May 28 2015, 12:44

Hey guys. Some of you may or may not know, but I am cooking up the idea of an original summon-- TIGERS! :3 Yes, Tigers. Here I wanted to post up the lore idea for them. So feel free to comment and give suggestions. Anyway... here we go


Subspecies: South China Tiger

Summary of Tigers:

Tribe Leader: Boss Byakko
Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers! Tumblr_mm5wehZy6z1s2ypolo3_400

Boss Byakko Summary:
Tiger Hierarchy:

Anyway, here is the theme of the ideas. I will welcome others to be contracted with tigers as well. This is a fun idea and I am happy to share it with others interested. Thank you for your time.


Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers! OfvuwFm
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Summoning Idea Sharing: Tigers!
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