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 Save Point Results

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PostSubject: Save Point Results   Wed May 27 2015, 18:54

Hello everyone how is everyone liking the save point? As I said it was a test to see how you all feel about because of the fact the site is aimed almost towards a DND setting and we are increasing that feeling as we developed a character sheet under everyone's profile you can generate one or ask a staff member do so and update to current settings and information please help us help you if anything. More information will released as we come to June 1st about jidai.

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PostSubject: Re: Save Point Results   Wed May 27 2015, 20:08

Personally I like it. I like the fact you are responsible for your own stat upkeep and maintenance. I think majority will stick to it and I think its good.

So long as people keep in check with rules and don't abuse it, i think its great and allws us to keep up witht he daily requirements.

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Save Point Results
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