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 Shado Yoki - Hikari Country

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PostSubject: Shado Yoki - Hikari Country   February 3rd 2015, 16:48

Quote :
< - Shadō Yokai - >
- A clan founded by Raijin Mitsurugi, a masterful samurai and shinobi that founded and created the clan all by himself after many battles and trials of his life, he will now have a family of heritage and changes of the world. A clan of advanced samurai’s mixed with the blood of a shinobi. Although the name suggests in a completely different as the clan is to be known as shadow demons, it causes those that are of the same stature to be born under the same basis as Raijin, making them even more deadly and harder as the clan is something of demon born in a sense. The clan has two branches, the main branch which is the main bloodline descendants of Raijin himself, while the second branch known as the “Hunter of Demons” branch is for those who hunt and kill those who have found a way to steal the main branches doujutsu, mainly as a protector to the main branch.
Clan Type: Doujutsu Kekkei Genkai

”Demon Branch”:
”Hunter Branch”:
clan Spots wrote:
Clan Leader/Founder: Raijin Raijoku Mitusurgi
Demon Branch: Raijin Mitsurugi
Hunter Branch: - - -
Clan Element wrote:
Gained at Birth: Kaguroiraiton
Doujutsu Kekkei Genkai wrote:
Sekireigan -
While watching carefully at the enemy it seems strong as the eye is a golden hue, its first stage causes motion to slow down dramatically. Allowing the user to dodge or evade incoming attacks. This leaves the user able to counter easier however because of this it could cause a bigger strain on the user's life. The second stage eye turns completely black with the crimson hue, the eye allow the user to cast "Limbo" from one eye and allow it to appear from the other. This allows the cancellation of an action and redirect elsewhere.
Requirement: Chakra Control 100% | Knowledge of Time/Space | Raijin's Clan or Bloodline.
Chakra Cost: 80 / 40 {Per Post} <- Stamina cost is added for outside sources.
Hand Seal: - - or 1
Rank: CLAN
Restriction: Demon Branch Only
Effect: First Stage - Total Combat/Evasion Roll /4 | Second Stage: Evade 1 Action = -300 Chakra & Stamina <- for short distant Limbo.

”- - Clan Abilities/Skills - -”:

”- - Clan Jutsu - -“:

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Shado Yoki - Hikari Country
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