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 Kusa Country - The Asakura Way pt2

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Kusa Country - The Asakura Way pt2 Empty
PostSubject: Kusa Country - The Asakura Way pt2   Kusa Country - The Asakura Way pt2 EmptyWed Jan 28 2015, 19:07

@Grave Breaker wrote:
Grave figured something before having to go into battle as he remembered the clones were able to give him back information based upon what they had seen or even experience allowing him to obtain information before rushing into battle. This came to Grave with a thought as he figured he'd be able to deal with this problem. Thinking over the idea for a bit Grave sat down with his head facing the sky for a bit before having to come up with something. As he rolled over for a bit he was picking up dirt and letting it fall to the ground before he had an idea and jumped for that moment. "Wait a minute could it be that would be a safe way of having to deal with things." Grave thought carefully about it for a moment. As the Nekomata appeared once more only to lean over saying, "What's up Grave?" He turned saying, "Clones are completely their own being in a way like a shadow clone where as a regular clone is nothing more than just a copy that mimics the movements of the one who created it so I figured something out, what if a clone made of wood was created but had no face it would make the clone completely hard to know who created it but it cannot be destroyed based upon how much damage it took but only by losing its head." The Nekomata leaned over interested in the idea, "Okay but how strong will it be truly?" Thinking about it Grave smile saying, "It won't be strong its only meant to gather and sneak into and out of places after gathering what is need and even if destroyed I'll still gain the knowledge that it learn during battle or even during its time alive. But traveling it will be weak in that area as its using its own chakra to travel to the new location unless I can figure a way to have it amplify that region of issue. But as they say there is not such thing as a perfect technique in life. "Thinking about it though the clone would have to be some sort of way of being controlled even with my state." Grave turned his head to think about it before snapping his fingers, "I got it the way it can be used and the way it can look." As Grave was pulled from the dimension of his inner mind he quickly made a few hand seals before placing them on the ground having nothing happen before a leaf came from the ground. Grave blinked for that split moment and sighed. "Only a leaf was madeā€¦" Grave went over to look at the notes and go back to working on it before smiling as he noticed what he did wrong. As he thought about it the chakra was not enough for it as he finished working on the notes and the formula more he fixed the issue and took the time to think of the technique more.

Being buzzed to reenter his Inner mind's eye. Grave blinked for a moment to see the bijuu standing in front of him. "Grave tell me something, what can the technique even do now that it was created?" Grave smiled nodding saying, "Well it gathers information like I said but its limited it cannot do good in battle as it will only be able to use chakra it has to make it and be able to only use the element of mokuton. As from what I was told the element is truly something of rare powers . But I want to find my place in the world and fix my body to the way it use to be if its even possible but I know it may not even be close to perfect. But this clone will prove to be something of interesting shortly after it is created to face the world for sure. I know one thing is for sure it will help monitor what is going on in other countries easier even here we have to be careful if I release the powers we both have we might get into some trouble." Sighing to that the Nekomata shook its head saying, "Have you forgotten you do not always need to use my powers you have your own to work on and get stronger with now you should get started on getting everything set up for you and your brother if anything. To do battle against my family once again it should be more interesting if all works well." Grave nodded to that and came to view of the area and shook his head once more.

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Kusa Country - The Asakura Way pt2
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