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 Kusa Country - The Asakura Way

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Kusa Country - The Asakura Way Empty
PostSubject: Kusa Country - The Asakura Way   Kusa Country - The Asakura Way EmptyWed Jan 28 2015, 17:56

@Grave Breaker wrote:
The morning sun was slowly rising over the horizon as Grave was resting soundly in the field of grass within the Kusa Country. Opening his eyes slowly he could only think of the peace he had among living with his others and his new family that he believed to be the way of life. His eye still bared the snake's eye for a bit longer but Grave figured it was a curse for him to bare as he was seeking to obtain more power for his own country to keep not only his life but the life of others. Sitting up Grave sighed for a moment pulling out an empty scroll which be began to stare at for a bit before deciding on what he wished to engrave into its void. Having the scroll open on the ground Grave thought about what to write for the moment in time but could not even come close to the best of ideas on what to write down but then it dawned on him on what he could start to make for future generations to read. "That's what I will do in order to show the world a new view of things." Grave said lightly as he began to write the beginning of his life. The scroll started to fill up for a bit as he began writing, 'Seems so long now since I have not thought about it really. Being born in the Asakura Clan and following the path of a priest and trying to show the world a better tomorrow. Things just seemed different even when I was younger thinking about it all really.' Grave began to have a flashback to his youth at the time he was dealing with his training to begin his job as a priest for the future of the Asakura clan. "Grave are you listening to me at all!" The young boy was laying down on the ground sleeping for a bit as the wind was brushing against his face he sat up yawning for a bit before laying back down. While getting hit on the head the young boy shot up quickly rubbing his head only to let out a yelping noise, "OUCH!?!" Shaking his head Grave looked over at the older man whom was his grandfather shaking his head with his older brother by his grandfather's side. The boy turned away for a moment saying, "What did I do now?" The older man pointed saying, "That's exactly it you did not do anything nor listen to anything I told you boy!"Hitting his grandson once more his brother only to stand quietly turning away for a moment, Grave was on the ground rubbing his head in pain until he recovered getting up again. "You know you keep doing that I might get brain damage!" The old man sighed saying, "You have it already cause you are not focusing on the task at hands, so maybe hitting you will beat some sense into that brain of yours boy!"

The young boy was headbutting his grandfather as they were pushing each other back with brute strength. The other young boy only sighed light as a taller gentleman came outside and laughed, "You two are just the same as always."  Turning to view the man it was Grave's father as he was not wearing a mask he picked up Graves older brother saying, "Are you enjoying yourself watching these two fight it out?" The young boy sighed saying lightly, "Not really…they both don't get anything done so I just watch for the fun but I get annoyed after a while. Grave jumped back a bit throwing his fist at his brother. "Well maybe if you talk more then we would not have this issue what do you say to that!" His brother smirked saying, "You cannot even come close to my skills as I have been training harder than you lazy bum." That moment Grave made an upper lip only to say, "Grandfather I challenge him to a Asakura duel!" Blinking to this notion his grandfather sighed lightly saying, "Grave you do not come even remotely close to your older brother. Even though you both may be twins he has been training harder than you so he has a higher understanding of things around him." Soon Grave's father said with a curious look on his face, "You are right father, but I believe Grave has something Hao does not." Everyone looked at him puzzled as Hao was placed down his father smiled saying, "Now don't you think you can take on your brother fairly and see what he has to offer." Hao nodded lightly only to stare at his brother. "Whenever you are ready then little brother." Grave reached over for a stick and smiled saying, "I'm always ready!" rushing over at his brother he started to swing at him from side to side then with a downward thrust. Though the men were watching the young boys fight it Hao was evading the attacks as though he could see them as clear as day. "See father I told you something that Grave has Hao does not." The old man took a closer look at the boys sighing heavily before saying, "I see so its cause Grave doesn't have the calm mind he is able to attack blindly which makes it harder to read his movements for us but for Hao he seems to be able to see the with each passing moment." Grave jumped back as his brother just sighed for a bit. "That's all you have?" Grave smiled saying sharply with a wild expression as he darted over once more the stick was starting to glow which caught the men off guard for a bit. "Is it possible?" The elderly said lightly as his father was watching Grave's stick was swung down as a powerful blade was formed by Hao had taken the hit but was protected by the cloak he wore as it became an armor.

"Well now…they both were able to materialize their chakra into weapons using their spiritual energy more than I though." The old man took back his peace pipe and continued to watch from a distance with his son. "Father…I told you those two are a bit different in their own way but Grave listens to you when you do not see it and Hao will always have a better focus then me from when I was trained but each one has a unique way of battling." As the battle continue to rage on Grave pushed is brother back into a corner only for that moment Hao released a powerful burst of energy which allowed him to evade the final attack coming to punch Grave into the face sending him flying backwards on to the ground. "Woah! That technique couldn't have been…I did not even get that far in the lesson…" the elderly man said as Hao was coming to the ground softly the energy suddenly vanished the same time it appeared. The hit cracked something as Grave was protect by something as well, noticing a shield had formed with the stick. Grave smirked saying, "Well that was good hit!" Shocked again Grave's grandfather was amazed how quickly he was able to switch from a offensive style to a defensive in the matter of seconds. They continued to watch only as Hao was smirking with Grave they both stood several feet away from one another. "You know you almost had me with that hit Hao…but I'm not going to lose that easy." That moment Grave stood getting ready to charge but only fell to his knees weaken and unable to move. 'What…what happen to my body…' Hao walked over  carefully saying, "That hit was strong enough that even your defense was not able to handle it so you blocked some but not all of the damage little brother." Grave tried standing only to fall over blacking out from the hit laying on the ground motionless. The two men and young Hao sighed as they carried him over to the bench to have him lay down for a bit but each one commented on his skills as they were at least average to above average. The moment seemed to never end for Grave as he continued to surprise them later on with his training in trying to defeat his brother in bouts left and right. Only to always lose a different way that he believed he could counter. Shaking his head Grave stopped writing only to smile for a bit taking the scroll and wrapping it up carefully he thought for a moment at the past and remembered the stories he was told of how his brother betrayed them for a false reason but believed it was something much worse. Shaking his head to it all Grave stood up dusting himself off from the dirt and grass only to glance at the scene of where he was resting. "I guess we should get started don't you agree…Jouton."

The blade was located on the right side of his waist as he wielded a blade that he forged before going on his adventure to seal the bijuus from harm. Thinking about it truly Grave was unable to really come to a reason for him to even seal the bijuus up besides for safety reasoning. Turning to draw out his blade Jouton, he just stared at it for a moment thinking to himself, 'The supreme being…' Soon the voice echoed in the darkness as it was coming forth, "So Grave are you truly going to push yourself to the new levels of understanding what need to be done in this world." Grave turned his head away closing his eyes but knew the voice very well. "Do I really have to answer that for you…I'm sure you already know the answer to that do you not?" The large flames started to erupt as the cat leaned over to Grave's side saying, "Of course I know the answer but that blade you created it has a odd name to be called what it is. It is a weapon being supreme to anything or anyone for that matter is a joke. It cannot even be able to defeat a bijuu like the last time you required the help of your brother in order to even come to a victory." Grave thought about that for a moment and gripped tightly on the handle before kneeling down at the blade to be somewhat pissed at the idea of what the beast said to be true. "Then I guess I should be getting stronger with the powers you and I both have. Now tell me something of what I should be able to do now." The large cat turned for a moment and laughed as it stood tall saying, "You already have an idea do you not?" Grave thought for a moment only to think of the techniques he created. "Yes it is time for the two halves to become a whole now. Though It seems I will also be needing to create "that" in order to even come close to the powers need to battle a bijuu." Lifting the blade up of the sky the darkness was starting to come clear as Grave stood in the field once more holding the blade up to the sky. 'I guess the techniques need to be completed in order for me to even begin to think of taking on anymore bijuus. But even If that is possible I need to first obtain a weapon of my own powers and abilities. Even if possible I just have to think for a moment is all really.' Thinking with his eyes close Grave was coming up with the idea of what he needed to do in order to get everything set. Noting the effects of the two techniques and mixing them does seem hard after reviewing them but the more with studies show something even more interesting. Grave sighed lightly as he placed Jouton back on to the holster.

Thinking of it all Grave was unable to figure out everything but in order to create something strong he was going to need to completely understand himself. Saying to that Grave sat down and began to focus on his own inner strength before going to create what was needed in order to move on with plans of capture. With his eyes close lightly he was not truly focused on what was really needed in order for him to even begin everything. Soon turning from sitting with his legs crossed he laid back on to the ground thinking to himself of the things that has happen to him thus far. Even with the time that he wasted away with things. Coming back to the memories he could see himself facing against his father as they both traded places with each hit only to be clashed and bounce backwards. Grave sighed to the thoughts as he sat up thinking to himself. 'Why is it I'm even part of this clan…' Thinking about it the way the clan was worked he figured it be pointless to fight against it until he thought of it all the way, 'Hey not do that…I could completely do that even more so I'm sure they both would allow it if anything.' Soon taken to the dark world once more the beast appeared in a burst of flames before having them calm down as it stared at Grave carefully. "What are you thinking young man?" Grave turned to look at the Bijuu saying, "I've been thinking I can help my clan out more if I pushed myself to a different level of strength if anything I need to be stronger not for my clan but also for my country. I need the powers of you Nekomata and the rest of your family even more so I need the help from my family to even do it.  After which, just maybe I can create a world of you and the others to be free allowing you to live in harmony without ever having to set foot in this world again." The large flamed cat yawned at the idea before saying, "But first how are you going to do that with the limited of powers you have now?" Grave turned to think about it for a moment before snapping his fingers saying, "Finding a way to become the Rikudo Sage…the first shinobi he had some incredible powers I'm sure if he did it he was able to do something even greater than myself. Then just maybe…if I can do that I will live up to my promise to you." The Nekomata leaned over saying, "You are priest but remember you can never come close to that person. Power is not something that can come easily you must work for it just like you worked for our team work understand." Grave blinked for a moment feeling the pain of failing.

But soon turned the pain into hope as he looked up smiling at the Bijuu saying, "You are right if that is the case then I'll begin training for it now." Grave turned his head only to wake up in the field again sitting up he started working on some notes taking bits and pieces of the techniques he had reviewed and studied on himself. Standing up he sighed lightly saying, "well crap seems I won't be able to until I figure out how to work…wait a minute." Leaning over to the idea that had him stuck for a moment he started reviewing of the notes he had showing a strange sphere around a humanoid figure. The ability of it was somewhat strange as he noted to himself. 'Okay so if anything the theory is lowering the powers of my barrier only to this point but instead of having my chakra it limits my movements greatly.' Continue to review over something he turned is attentions to the other technique he was working on as he finally fixed the piece that was missing, "That should do it…" Grave noted to this as he rushed over towards the Kusagakura to purchase some scrolls for himself. As he wrote everything down carefully to get it all set up the jutsu formulas were completed and wrapped up as he smiled big for that moment, "Okay that should do it, I guess I should get ready for the next part of our plan if anything. Though where's Raijin he's not been around for a while I under wonder if he's still in Limbo training. Oh well the new technique I have to keep hidden for now until I can further it to the point of perfection." Sighing to the is moment Grave became serious for a second as he felt the chakra coming from the distant. "The map shows a bijuus is located in that place, I have to be carefully for sure though I guess I should get going." Nekomata appeared as Grave was walking only to voice its concern. "Be careful this bijuus is the strongest compared to myself and the others. If someone has taken the Kyuubi like you said before hand then we may be on a bigger issue of battling if anything and I do not want to be on the other end of this battle if it goes south if you understand what I mean by that." Grave nodded to the Nekomata before saying, "If anything we'll be fine I have a way of battling a bijuu from what I've seen from the previous ones. Though I wonder if this one will be sealed within the Zaiten Gourd. I know I developed it to be stronger but still it worries me a bit if I allow it to be weaken for that matter of time." Grave stood tall looking into the valley of where he could feel the chakra coming from the area. Grave waited for that moment before smirking saying, "Its time!"

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Kusa Country - The Asakura Way
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