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 Minor & Major update V.10 & v1.10

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Minor & Major update V.10 & v1.10 Empty
PostSubject: Minor & Major update V.10 & v1.10   Minor & Major update V.10 & v1.10 EmptyWed Jan 28 2015, 16:46

Quote :

Major Update: v1.10
Dear Members,
Welcome back to Jidai once again, the full events are beginning shortly though we have a new look we also have new items and updates for everything so be sure to take a look around and read up on something's if you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

Seed-Add ons
- The limit of seed Add on has been removed but limited to only abilities within that Seed to be created and an amount of -2000 AP to learn of them.

New World
- New places were added to the site to allow a better growing story for your character. Please note that some places cannot be unlocked or found until later on. Some new Quests will be added for these areas for players.

- New EX Abilities have been added even more they have obtain their Passive/Inactive Type ones. Please note if its not Passive you do must subtract 1 action to trigger it.

- EXP is now earned by Total Words & AP Converter allows one to trade AP to earn Gains or EXP a bit faster.

- Items will not be showing a rarity system based upon coloring, White = Common, Blue = Uncommon, Gold = Rare, Red = Unique and Violet = Legendary.

- Seeds now have a Level System to them and Master(s). The NPC bios for the masters will be out this weekend. But depending on the skills you have unlocked as of after the update will determine the level of that seed.

Save Point
- Players are now in charge of their own bios, codes are provide for the person's bio either by request or by update. This allows a bit more freedom but please know that managers will be watching carefully over this update.

- Hiden's will be getting placed into the normal Techniques but will have "Creator" tag onto them so that way if one purchases a scroll they cannot auto learn the technique that is custom made.

- All shops now host a NPC for each one for purchases and a better detail for everyone to have fun with. "They cannot be killed." Also Items like Weapon Holster has been lowered in effect. As Weapon holster now only allows +1 to Weapon Slot.

Battle: Critical Hits
-  The powers of Critical hits have been added to the site, but can only be triggered if one rolls a certain amount without Buffs.

Battle: Elements
- Elements now show that they absorb 50% of the damage adding it to the countered attack, while snuffing out the incoming attack. Ie. Katon hitting Fuuton now fuuton will do no damage. But the enemy will take damage from the counter attack if unable to react.

Battle: Stuns
- Stuns will no longer stack onto the  opposing force or players.

Member Credit: MC
- Has been added, to ask for knowledge from Omnicron about something rather it be attributes for Bijuus or the location of a rare item, trade 10,000 MC for it.

Max Level: 100
- This will cause one to have their TP locked unable to train or gain attributes. Until further updates "This includes Bijuus as well."

Minor & Major update V.10 & v1.10 Pbucket
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Minor & Major update V.10 & v1.10
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