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PostSubject: Taki - - - > Hikari   Taki - - - > Hikari EmptySun Oct 19 2014, 01:45

- Wars, they leave nothing but battle scars as the troops were left tired and weaken leaving nothing but only victory and sorrow of losing many others. Grave Asakura, the leader of the force that was defending the Taki Country from the invading forces he could only stand with his staff and with the powerful clone that was wrapped around him. He could only feel depression kick into his heart but he just let it go after while as he stood tall having a smile break across his face yelling out, "EVERYONE SMILE KNOWING WE LIVE TO SEE ANOTHER LOVELY NIGHT SUCH AS THIS!!" Everyone turned their attention to the armored wearing Grave as he was changing the situation for everyone as he could feel the eyes locking on to him he knew he was not strong enough to do battle but he could only smile knowing he knew how to get stronger as he nodded turning his attention over to the elderly man that the village leader as he was the only person to see nothing but hope. "Listen I know you do not like me and I do not blame you if anything but understand your country is a home not for just me but others. I will not allow anyone to just come and take complete control if anything, so just this one smile with me knowing we have good guardians over this village." The elderly man could only be left blinking heavily but turn his head looking at the ground as tears was falling from his face.

Grave must have hit the point as well, knowing that death was not the end but he knew what he had to do in order to become stronger. 'I lost myself for a moment…I could not believe I almost wasted the life of others for that moment I have to get stronger so please understand that I need your help even more, I know my goal was to become one to save everyone but… as a priest I must seal all the beasts that exist within this world to keep it safe please understand that I will release you all during the time of true peace is obtained.' The flamed cat arose from its nap only to roar knowing the honesty within the heart of the young man as he smirked jumping from the administration building's porch only to land with the other troops he waved his hand to have a commander walk with him as he explained what he wished for. "I want the troops to stay stationed in this village just in case something comes to happen once again. I cannot allow anything else to happen to this place. After everything has cleared up we will begin the move back to the main village understood." The man stood and saluted to Grave as he walked away to inform everyone else. But soon after the daughter of the Taki Village appeared only to slap Grave across the face as the clone had pulled off his body.

Shaking his head for a moment he turned to glance at her with some bit of worry as tears were flooding her eyes as she could only fall to her knees in covering her face with tears and a loud cry coming from her. Yelling at him, "You will never understand!" Grave took a step back only to think about what she meant and nodded saying, "You are right I will not understand what it feels to lose family during war…but I will understand what it feels to lose the one you love." Grave was leaned over to share the story of his family and the duty they had but what he did to dishonor his own clan for sealing the beast within him in order to keep track of its own powers and himself. His father and even grandfather did not trust the powers that was within him. As Grave stood up smiling he rubbed his face saying, "I was hoping you would one day come from that point and do that to me." Grave closed his eyes only to have a tear come from his face before he opened his eyes to smile as he turned walking away leaving her with the clone as he turned to look at her saying, "His heart is different his mind is unsure but his soul is what keeps on pushing the physical being you see before you. If its to guard or protect the ones he loves then I shall continue to watch from a distant if need be but for now allow us to run the show."

She turned to look up with the question in her head, "The show…what show could you possibly mean?" The clone nodded before turning to walk away. Catching up with Grave was its goal now. Grave stayed for a moment only to look at the clone saying, "Look we have some issues I know you are aware of correct?" The clone bowed saying, "Is it because of the enemy from before?" Grave nodded saying, "That is correct we should be on guard if anything but the only problem is that I do not know if the enemy has completely left so returning, there could cause a bigger issue for us if you understand that." The clone shook its head with it be upset, "I understand then what should we do in order to avoid any issue?" Grave closed his eyes to think for a moment before snapping his fingers saying, "Simple…but stay close." As he began to walk away the clone follow behind him as well. As they had entered a Inn with a room for them to sit and chat for the moment things seemed to become more serious. "Raijin's not here is that correct?" The clone nodded saying, "Yes it seems he has left Taki but his location is unknown at the moment why is something wrong?" Grave turned his head saying, "I plan on starting a Special Task Force and the only way to get it all completed is to pull together a group that is willing to help with our goal if you understand."

Leaning back against the chair with his arms crossing, "I do not know or want Raijin to be aware of this force if anything. Its something I'm not sure myself or if it will even work for that matter. But to be safe I rather be on the guard, wanting to see what could even happen if he's not present. He's the guard of the Asakura but something worries me a bit about him is all. If you get what I'm trying to tell you as well." The clone turned to think for a moment before nodding saying, "I do but in some cases we should at least give him a review of things also with that note I have taken the information from the intelligence unit that you should look at it. The belief of the country is far east of here, but the name of its is unknown, I have come to the conclusion that it was owned or in control of someone else that had great powers or influence for that matter in order to create something of this caliber." Grave moved forward only to place his hands on the table to pull the paper work of the data that was collected, "Do we know by whom the country was created by or the location of their lord for that matter?" Aokabi shook its head no confused as to the reason why he was unable to even gather that information as well.

Grave sighed for a moment, sitting back again thinking to himself as he lifted the report he could only come to two conclusions, "Let me think for a moment…" Grave soon had flash backs to the moment of meeting the shinobi that exchanged scrolls with him in order to obtain the diamonds but then remembered requesting something else from the shinobi because of the trade. Thinking of it more he remembered he obtained a map allowing him to find the person's location. "That's right…could it be him…" Aokabi tilted its head for a moment before saying, "Could it be him? What do you mean by "him" it would mean you have an idea of whom it could be." Grave nodded saying, "Correct I believe it to be an Uchiha known as Hayabusa that could be in control of another country but its to hard to tell for sure if that is even possible. Though Raijin was on the battlefield he could be able to tell us more as to what happen even with that issue spike of chakra that appeared as well." Closing his eyes to think more of it he remembered the meeting of Hayabusa once more as they exchanged for the second pair of scrolls from which Grave did not feel save with the Suna scroll in his grasp. Leaning forward Grave said lightly to himself, "This could not have been the reason for the a invasion for that matter could it…"

Thinking on the topic for a bit, he came to the conclusion of another name that came to his mind, "Shukaken…no that's not it…Shudoko…no…ah that's it Shukaku!" Aokabi looked at Grave confused for a moment, "What's up?" Grave nodded saying, "Well it seemed that if I remember correctly when exchanging the Suna Scroll for the Kumo Scroll I heard him say that he would have someone named, "Shukaku" take a look at it, I wonder if that could be the actual person that is running the show in order to try and take the country but allowed him to create the powers of another country to form a military. With that it would be interesting if Raijin was actually fighting Hayabusa…but also the reason as to why he was no the battlefield. I have studied over the facts of the Uchiha and the Sharingan but something still seems off like a big piece of information is missing that I cannot obtain. " Aokabi nodded only to feel the same way but spoke saying, "But from what I've heard from the villagers it was not this man you call Hayabusa to have come here first…"

Grave attention became surprised for the moment to be puzzled by this saying, "Wait if it was not him that appeared then who was it that appeared to start this issue with the village." Aokabi pulled out another report handing over to Grave for that moment saying, "This is from the village leader he stated that the person came looking for you as well with a few others that seemed to only want you but because of that it started the war for that matter. Because of the old man not wanting to hand you over to them as you are an ally to them it as they see you." Grave nodded to that knowing it was truth with what he stated about being an ally with the village of Taki. But he was more worried as to what could happen if the village would fall into darkness by another force or another invasion that they cannot stand against. Sighing to this he shook his head saying lightly, "Thank you for the information from what I have gathered it seems that Hayabusa was not alone in this act and another figure coming to look for me is even more troublesome, but it could be this Shukaku person we are going to be searching information about. Aokabi, we need to stay on guard no matter what if anything but I need to head there for a bit if I plan working on some more information gathering as well to locate the task force information."

Aokabi nodded to Grave but stated, "You should be aware, the people that appeared were listed by another in the dark that was overhearing the conversation." Grave tilted his head for a moment concerned saying, "Okay you have that data as well?" Aokabi nodded saying," Yes here it is the list of names that was present at the time." Grave took the paper carefully to overview it nodding at each name, "I see…Senju Heise, I wonder…if anything the rest of the unit did not appear in battle…though reviewing these names, a Hyuuga, and a Nara clan member…it all seems to odd to say the least, but if I remember correctly these are clans of Konoha correct?" Aokabi nodded to the conclusion. "Yes but what would that mean?" Grave thought for a moment only to sigh heavily saying, "I think Konoha may be having some rouges running lose just a bit though I'm unsure if its even true to be happening due to the information we have. Though this puzzles me a bit this, "Yajuu Empire…" Grave pointed to the word only for Aokabi to say, "The village leader stated that they planned on uniting the countries under this empire." Grave thought about it for a moment only to say saying, "Wait…could they have found out of the Gobi…" Aokabi shrugged to the idea this left Grave in the dark because of the issue. But shaking his head for that moment he stood up taking the notes placing them into a folder handing them back to Aokabi, "Please return this back to the village leader so we can keep track of this information its very dear to the village and to us."

Aokabi nodded with that taking the file having him return back to the administration building leaving Grave to walk out of the Inn alone thinking to himself, but was soon approached by the daughter of Hanzo once again. "Oh…is it time for my other slap?" Grave said as he stood getting ready with his head tilted to the side with a smirk. She sighed saying, "Look I just wanted to say I'm sorry I did not believe you understood what it mean to lose someone you loved or dear to you for that matter." Grave blinked for a moment to look up at the sky thinking to himself for a moment before saying, "Neither did I…but then I lost myself for a moment thinking that I could stop others from losing someone but the tears that Raijin shed for your brother were real for even myself. So please understand I'm trying my best to gather as much information on whomever invaded Taki." Grave looked over noticing a wall of trees within the village road and pointed to them, "Where did those come from?" Grave was interested as he walked over to take a closer look at the trees before having Aokabi appear again. "Aokabi…these trees…they are made by chakra aren't they." Aokabi rubbed on the tree for a moment and nodded saying, "That is correct it seems something or someone created them." Grave nodded saying, "Seems that Senju Heise was able to create them he must have the same blood that Senju Ten had which means…if he's with an Uchiha I think we might be in bigger trouble than I thought."

Grave gripped his fists only to place his hand on them with his chakra flowing into the tree as though it was a part of him. 'Yeah…its Mokuton alright, the power to control and bind the tailed beasts…could that mean…they knew of the Gobi and planned on capturing it that would also leave them to be hunting down the others…but for what purpose…' The look of fear appeared on Grave's face for that moment as he looked at Aokabi with the fear becoming anger and worrisome. "Grave is everything okay…" the daughter of Hanzo asked as he turned to look at her saying, "It might not be…if this was created by a Senju user things may have just gotten a bit worse for everyone in general. Aokabi, bring me the information once more please I do not mean to do this to you but I must figure something out for myself." Turning to glance at the female he blushed for a moment but then shook it off saying, "I have to protect this village and even her…she's too important to me as well." Blinking to this she blushed for a moment wondering him the female was that Grave was speaking of. As Aokabi had vanished to obtain the information once more Grave turned to decided to follow back to the administration building as he called for a row of people to appear, the leaders of the sensor and intel division appeared with Grave and Hanzo standing side by side. Hanzo's daughter said beside her father and Aokabi sat beside Grave as they awaited for everyone.

"Sorry for calling you all here, but I cannot trust the information outside of this room which is why I am sharing it within the building as outside could still be a risky move for any of us. From what we have gathered together the users seem to be from that of Konoha, as I studied the trees that was formed from one of their messengers that met with Hanzo. A Senju is among them, this could lead to be a problem as that would mean they have someone that can possibly make the bijuus as their 'pets' like the forefather Senju Hashirama, Whom I have studied before over the history scrolls. This could lead us to believe another issue. Another member is among them known as Hayabusa, this man wields the power of the Sharingan from what I can remember and what I have studied as well could be even more problem as the forefather Uchiha Madara wielded this power and more." Soon one of the sensor shinobi raised his hand to speak saying, "This being true, what could this even mean for us I mean from what you are telling us, they have the powers to bind or control the Bijuu and use them against in war correct?" Grave did not want to be honest about the fact, but he nodded softly to say, "That is what I am exactly trying to say…they are aiming for something why Taki why not another village unless they are trying to gain power to face against something problem we need to be careful."

The Intel shinobi looked over saying, "I am curious to know how did you come about this information?" Grave nodded to that as he pointed to the papers that was given to him for review, "As you can see it was stated within witness of Hanzo speaking with the group the man stated his hand even more so stated he was Senju even more the rest of his units name. After which performing the release of an element being Mokuton could be very dangerous. The studies I had done on the previous was show that this could be even more dangerous as I've met and seeing the eyes of the Sharingan in action before. It would be best to be on guard and expect a bijuu to appear if they were to attack again, unless we act now and try to locate and seal the tailed beasts from causing or being used for another reason." Soon after another shinobi came into the room handing over a file of papers saying, "Sorry sir, I did not mean to rush if it was not important these files are actually from those that fought on the battlefield but one was even more interesting." With shock as Grave was reading it, "It seems our fears have come reality, as reading the report from Commander Raijin, he states, "During the battle the man stood saying, "Thanks to Hayabusa, I have a trust bijuu side kick." During which the room became silently for that moment.

Leaning forward the Senor shinobi spoke with question saying, "That would mean the Sharingan bearer would be this Hayabusa person even more the Heise figure is helping him correct?" Grave nodded to saying, "That would also mean, a bijuu is in the enemies hands already and no telling how many more have been capture or going to be capture and used to take the countries control from under us." With the information they were given Aokabi stood saying, "I believe it is time to stated an idea to the plan of this, I believe we should form a Task Force, with Grave Asakura being the leader of it. The task force will allow us to seek and locate the bijuus and capture without having any issue." Hanzo nodded to this saying, "Agreed, seek the men or women you wish to take with you and I'll expect you to return safely from this task and do some damage to our enemy." Grave nodded to this and turned to look at Aokabi whom nodded knowing this would be his plan as they all walked from the meeting Grave sighed saying with the clone, "I believe we should head back to the lab for a bit.” With that Limbo soon opened allowing them to walk through and appear within the lab that was hidden within Taki.

"Why are we here Grave?" Aokabi asked curious as Grave had to think for himself just a bit as a bandana covered his eye still as he found the scroll of the blue prints he was looking for. "Figured I would need this in order to do some damage for a bijuu but I had to work on the structure of the techniques before having them be used. Even more so I need to be sure I'm ready for the battle, Our first place will be Iwa I'll gather the people we'll need for this task force it should be no more than five people which includes myself and you." Nodding to this the time finally arrived for the actions to begin sooner then expect. As Limbo opened up once more Grave took the scroll with his blueprints and walked into having to see in the desert the Kumo Kinjutsu Scroll. As he lifted it up placing it on his back as he opened the portal to Hikari allowing him to sneak back into his own home. "Time to begin agreed." Aokabi nodded with that as they were in the basement of the Hikari library.

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