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 Purchases for Nagakoto (Oct 15)

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PostSubject: Purchases for Nagakoto (Oct 15)   October 15th 2014, 07:21

Droppin two stacks on this ish.....

- Straw Hat w/ or w/o Bells - -
< Hide your face from unwanted pursuers, those with bells are used by genjutsu user[s] for hearing sense genjutsu.
Effect: +5 END | Hide face
Placement: Head
Price: 240 Ryo

- [Jiin] Clan Armor - -
< A red metal armor that is created to help shinobis in battle with low endurance. It bears the crest of one’s clan on the neck area.
Effect:+15 END
Placement: Outer-Body
Price: 450 Ryo

SAP Gauntlets - -
< Designed by SAP the gauntlet fused gloves are a new and powerful attention.
Effect: +15 STR | +5 DEX
Placement: Hands & Wrists
Price: 620 Ryo

- Advance Kunai / Shuriken Leg Holster - -
< You are able to carry an extra amount of kunai than shurikens with you. This will help during battles and missions.
Effect: Carry an Extra [Shuirken x12 | Kunai x8]
Placement: Left / Right Leg
Price: 600 Ryo

- - Shakujo – +[Monk Staff]
< Carried by priest and priestess to worn of evil spirits. It can also double as a weapon to protect them from threats besides evil spirits.
Damage: 75
Price: 800 Ryo

2710 Ryo total costs
1565 Ryo Left
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PostSubject: Re: Purchases for Nagakoto (Oct 15)   October 17th 2014, 21:12

+ Make sure you place this up with an update that way it can be added for you.+

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Purchases for Nagakoto (Oct 15)
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