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 Major Update: v1.08 [Starting Date: September 26, 2014]

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Major Update: v1.08 [Starting Date: September 26, 2014] Empty
PostSubject: Major Update: v1.08 [Starting Date: September 26, 2014]   Major Update: v1.08 [Starting Date: September 26, 2014] EmptyTue Sep 23 2014, 22:14

Quote :
Major Update: v1.08
Dear Members,
+ The lack of updates have been on hold because of the new system design that is coming to the site. Does this mean new rules, no it actually means more things for every member to enjoy. As you all have been helping me test the system for this RPG. I have been thinking of new things to add, things to change and all new twist on how this work. First and far most I will be watching making sure things are ran correctly and followed.

+ You will start to see some of these things being updated through-out the week. Please understand this will take sometime and I'm trying to not close the site down over the weekend so everyone can get things done for their characters and themselves.

Level Up: +5 HP
- Trainings for HP are not being used thus a new way of earning HP is created, with each level up, you will now earn +5 HP. [This effects everything, as Health will be lowered to fit the system, the difference will be given to you within a Stat Pool.] -This effects all Pets & Mercenaries & Clones - excluding Bijuu, Dragons and etc. As they will be getting an updated on their own time.

Personal Events Selection [O]
- Characters will now be able to create their own "filler" Arc. This must be approved by Guru or GM in order too. You must summit the idea, however prizes are based upon what the creator has to offer, as the site will be allowing EXP to be gained by Total Words and Bonus will be based upon Posts. See the training guide to learn more this weekend.

Birth Abilities [O]
- These abilities will be given to the character based upon two things. One the Month of your character's Birth and the Country. These abilities will be added up on the Ability Page.

Solo Battling Division [O]
- A twist that allows a player to face off against a Division without having to take control of a Division themselves, this will be further explained on the Territory Guide this weekend as well.

War-Grounds Board[O]
- This will hold all the wars that have been fought on the site by countries.

Relationship [O]
- Starting to fall for a character on the site, well the new add-on will allow just that. But not only does this help benefit you but it also helps grow a closer bond and improve more just that. There will be a guide added up this coming weekend as well.

Aging [x]
- After hitting Age: 40 your character is going to start feeling age kicking in. In the worst way ever as you are aging your stats will start to decrease by 2% every time you age. This does not seem much but it is as this effect will stack. [Ie. hitting 40 = 2% off your stats, 41 = 4% of your stats, and etc.] This is to give the site a more realistic touch to your characters that are super strong and show not even age can be stopped.

Custom Shop [x]
- A custom board for your items will be created on the site for you to sell to others even items you have on you as well. The only thing is you have to first purchase a Shop License and have the Job: Shop Keeper to do so, more details on this can be found on the Job itself.

Customize Divisions [x]
- Warfare just got a whole lot interesting, as the divisions will now be able to purchase custom abilities with their own drawbacks to change out and fix. Even more so perform certain features like, perform a technique to do heavier damage, or wield two forms of weapons to help with ATK and DEF. Then a new add on for divisions called, "Support Drive Ability" This little number will only trigger when certain requirements are met, and it can only be used 1 time during a warfare so good luck.

Bijuu Update [x]
- Stats of the bijuu will be altered during the update for the new system, this is not a bad thing this allows a more realistic approach on the Bijuus. This also effects those that have them Sealed or as Pets.

Types [x]
- The types of Normal and Hibon are now known as "Asura" and "Indra" Each one gives a bonus if selected allowing the use of the new quest to come out, "Path of the Ancestor"

Territory | Custom Territory [O]
- New rules are being added to this setup as you must now create a country but not the way it seems to be, As you will need a Daimyo to control the country, a Village leader/Kage to run the military force, and the Village Advisers to help talk with you of further plans and purchase new gear for "Divisions". This also will be altering the Jobs for those positions and ruling for them.

Hibon Quest [x]
- The allowing of random drops is fun for a while but now the items are being removed and added to NPC's for battle of control, The NPC will be wielding or using this item against you. This will increase Manager Interaction forcing "Guru" to take part in this.

Job Upped [x]
- Jobs have been upped so now you can have 3 instead of 2 plus your EX-Job.

Element System
- Elements will be getting a word reduction as well an increase to their gains for characters by +1% and MAX +2% .

- Characters will now be able to gain Bonus stats from learning their new seed however only by a fix amount, ie unlocking second Seed gives only 75% of Bonus Stats. [Rounding will effect]

LUCK Stat [x]
- Test of the Luck seems interesting and working the way its been planned to. Now its time for it to get a new form of boost, as your luck will now be based upon your characters Month of birth and that starting week. Your luck will be based upon 5 Stars. With the 5th one being 100% giving you [x2 to your gains].
> Starting Date: October 5th, 2014

Quest Rearrange [O]
- Some have been moved others have been taken off, but the new setup will allow you to find quests a bit easier and perform them based upon conditions met.

Introduction to Hiden [x]
- All custom techniques will be located on the page of their design, but cannot be learned unless taught by the creator, which will appear at the top of the technique to allow other members to know whom created it.

Major Update: v1.08 [Starting Date: September 26, 2014] Pbucket
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Major Update: v1.08 [Starting Date: September 26, 2014]
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