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 Major Update: v1.07

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PostSubject: Major Update: v1.07   Sun Aug 24 2014, 14:32

Quote :

Major Update: v1.07
Dear Members,
Forgive for the shut down of the site for an update but an update was needed and will be taking effect. Anything that has happen before August 24, will not be effect by the update.

- Calm Mind - Effect: x1.15 [Stats] | Skin of Iron - Effect: +45 [END]
- Special One - Effect: x1.15 [STR | DEX] | Inner Strength - Effect: x1.15 [STR]
- Heighten Sense - Effect: x1.15 [1 Stat] | Youth(ful) Power  - Effect: x1.20 [Stats]
- Killing Intent - Effect: x1.15 [Stats]

- Item Booster Ability
- Effect: +25 to Item's effect, Decrease stats afterward(s) for 1 turn based upon Total Gains. [Only effects stat gained items

Ability: Chakra Flow
- Has been converted over to being a Technique. [Rank: C]

Gear Change / Seed Change
- Anything that states, "Halve Costs" will only work on techniques that do not have "X" Costs.

Seed(s) Repair
- Archer: HP: +20 | DEX: +15 | INT: +5
- Artist: HP: +10 | DEX: +15 | INT: +15
- Assassin: Evasion = Chakra Cost [-500]
- Puppet: END: +5
- Samurai: STR -5
- Tool: END: -10

Seed(s) Ability Adds
* Same as Ninjutsu Follower but follows its category of Techniques.
- Genjutsu Follower:
- Taijutsu Follower:
- - Taijutsu - Style Master: "No Style is Style": +1 to Style's Limit
- Fuuinjutsu Follower:

- Peace Treaty [Supreme Commander must voice to have peace with other commander. They are allowed to send a messenger.]
- Count as Events so no Updates can be done including purchases after first post of Warfare.

- Body Flicker: Roll effect dropped to +1
- Morning Mist Blood: Effect now target's anyone that do not share blood of caster.
- Change Body Stance: Effect now requires an Item/Tool/Weapon from the casters Inventory on hand. [Cannot be from storage & Item/Tool/Weapon is destroyed after
- Rasen Shuriken has been updated, Character loses 25% Chakra Control Permanently and 25% of their chakra during battle. Target loses 50% of their chakra if hit by it, stun 1 Turn added.
- Flying Thunder God [Obtain Unique Seal for technique] (Allows one not to use it as a travel).
- Shini Fuin - Cannot be learned by Jinchuuriki.

JuinJutsu Gone?!
- Juinjutsu has been added to be part of Fuinjutsu.

- Master Styles have been removed to be updated.

Battle Rules Added
- Running out of Chakra causes one to Pass Out. = KO
- Running out of Stamina causes one to lose -2 Action.

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PostSubject: Re: Major Update: v1.07   Wed Aug 27 2014, 18:49

Quote :
Building - A - Country Shop had a few changes.

Academy now reads:
-10 = +25 to ATK or DEF

Training Camp now reads:
-10 = +30 to ATK or DEF

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PostSubject: Re: Major Update: v1.07   Fri Aug 29 2014, 12:18

So hiraishin no longer allows us to travel?
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PostSubject: Re: Major Update: v1.07   Fri Aug 29 2014, 13:34

It still allows us to its basically saying,

I cannot use your stamps as a substitute to travel to the locations you've gone to.
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PostSubject: Re: Major Update: v1.07   

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Major Update: v1.07
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