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 Pick Ups For Kaitou

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PostSubject: Pick Ups For Kaitou   July 24th 2014, 01:55

- - World Map - +
< Locating and finding different areas of the world is important carry a map and mark where you’ve been and secret locations of yours.
Effect: Able to Travel | Lowers travel count by 25%
Price: 700 Ryo

Kunai / Shuriken Leg Holster - -
< You are able to carry an extra amount of kunai and shurikens with you. This will help during battles and missions.
Effect: Carry an Extra [Shuirken x16 | Kunai x4]
Placement: Left / Right Leg
Price: 300 Ryo

- SAP Gauntlets - -
< Designed by SAP the gauntlet fused gloves are a new and powerful attention.
Effect: +15 STR | +5 DEX
Placement: Hands & Wrists
Price: 620 Ryo

- Cloak w/ or w/o Hood [Design] - -
< used to hide one's body and face as they travel. But its normal to have a custom designed on it.
Effect: +5 DEX
Placement: Outer Body
Price: 100 Ryo

- Covert Garb - -
< Being loose and navy blue, the clothing is relaxing to fit in and it helps with movement for the shinobi.
Effect: +20 DEX
Placement: Inner-Body
Price: 260 Ryo

- Mask {Unique Design} - -
< Have a design featured on your mask to make it your very own. Special Ops wear ones that are designed based of animals.
Effect: +10 END
Placement: Face
Price: 280 Ryo

- Straw Hat w/ or w/o Bells - -
< Hide your face from unwanted pursuers, those with bells are used by genjutsu user[s] for hearing sense genjutsu.
Effect: +5 END | Hide face
Placement: Head
Price: 240 Ryo

- - Dual Blade Scythe - +
< Standing at 10 ft tall, with two 18 in crescent blades on each in of the pole.
Damage: 50
Price: 650 Ryo

- - Nodachi - +
< Created for samurai generals in time of war. The blade itself was around 12 ft long with a long handle to cope with the blade.
Damage: 70
Price: 800 Ryo

- - Gunbai - Army Arrangement Fan - + (Hooked to Scythe)
< Created to be a non folding fan, that was made from wood, starting to make its way back into life.  It was also designed to have a chain at the end of the pole allowing one to connect a Kunai or Kama to it.
Damage: 20
Effect: +5 WEP DMG with Attached Weapon [CANNOT REMOVE]
Price: 1,200 Ryo
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Pick Ups For Kaitou
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