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 Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training]

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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training] Empty
PostSubject: Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training]   Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training] EmptyTue Jul 08 2014, 21:15

“You’ve grown considerably well” King Enma said as he stood in front of Heise. Beside him stood his brother Sun Wukong. “Though I wish to know how far your abilities have come” He said. Heise nodded knowing what he had to do. It was the test of a true sage something he was ready for ever since he began to learn the powers of sage energy. Heise had fully gathered energy from before meeting with Enma and Wukong and was now completely ready to face off against them both. During their time together Enma and Wukong both explained to Heise the custom of the Sage Monkey’s and now Heise was geared and ready. He closed his eyes and began to gather in sage energy. Once his quota was full it was time to unless sage mode. But unlike the previous times before where Heise would show signs of aging or signs of Monkey like behavior his body responded differently to the sage chakra. This time crimson red markings surrounded his face covering his eyes and parts of his cheek. The tribal markings were also underneath over his chest if one had the visual capacity to see them.
“I see,” Wukong said to Enma, “He’s learned to perfectly Balance his chakra with natural energy. So much so that he’s developed the signs of a true monkey sage.” He said. Heise eye’s became black with an crimson red filling on the inside and black pupil another sign of his mastered sage mode.
“It’s crazy” Heise began, “This is the first time I’ve entered the perfect sage mode and I feel power overwhelming my body.”
Enma smirked but said nothing. Instead Enma and Wukong both entered sage mode as well. Heise could instantly feel the moment they’d begun drawing in chakra. Heise launched himself at the two of them and aimed his right fist for Enma. Wukong saw the attack and leaped up. Enma smirked and placed his hands up to guard. The force from the attack caused Enma’s feet to sink into the cracked ground. Heise felt something in his body tingle and instinctively he responded by pushing himself away from Enma, When Heise looked up he noticed Wukong had tried to come down with a punch against him.
“Incredible, I didn’t know my instincts would be heightened as well” He said. Wukong turned Heise as he retrieved his fist from the ground.
“Most Sage’s have increased senses but none like the Monkey’s. Yours are heightened past the level of a Hokage” Wukong said. Enma began forming hand seals and Heise could feel the chakra being molded. Enma quickly turned into the staff and Wukong grabbed him.
“The same combo as before…” He said remembering Enma and Wukong using that technique before. But unlike before Enma and Wukong were both in sage mode so fighting them both would be a challenge. Heise grabbed his staff and prepared for the worst. Though Enma wasn’t much of a fighter, Enma was beyond a great weapon and what made the combo so deadly was that Wukong was a master of the staff. Shizou had always said that depending on the user a weapon can be weak or deadly, and in the Hands of Wukong, Enma’s staff mode was dangerous. Wukong rushed towards Heise and began swing the staff. Using his own staff, Heise blocked and parried each attack but the force behind each attack was brutal.
“It’s a whole ‘nother level to be fighting in Sage Mode, especially when I’m fighting against another sage, no Two sages. Their attacks are just” Heise turned his head and noticed that Wukong had disappeared. He grabbed his kunai and threw it in the air and reached for another Kunai. Before he could grab the other Kunai Wukong appeared in front of him and attempted to swing Enma on him. Without a moment’s Hesitation, Heise flickered to the Kunai in the air. In his right hand Heise began concentrating chakra. Soon a large ball would form and Heise began to mold the chakra into a spinning ball.
“That technique” The Enma staff said. Wukong threw Enma aside and began to form his own ball of spinning chakra. Unlike Heise’s Technique, Wukong’s was infused with Lava. Enma returned to his normal Monkey mode immediately as he stared at Heise and Wukong.
“If Either of those techniques land… than it could be dangerous for the whole village. And if either of them get hit” Enma closed his eyes and his sage mode returned. He disappeared and landed in between Heise and Wukong and before Either of them hit, Enma had managed to divert the blast radius of both attacks safely into the ground.
Heise immediately exited sage mode and gasped for air. Wukong exited as well as if he had experienced the same exhaustion as Heise.
“Damnit I almost had him!” Heise said as he slammed his fist into the ground. Enma stared at Wukong who was more out of breathe than usual.
“I don’t know if it’s because you haven’t used the full extent of your powers in a long time or if it is because of Heise. But that goes without saying tho, Heise had indeed gotten strong.” Enma thought to himself. Wukong looked at Heise and then to Enma.
“Kid’s got Heart” He said laughing as he fell over and stretched himself out. “Enma, It’s time we take the kid to see the big guy.” He said. Enma growled and began to shake his head.
“I’m not a fan of the big guy right now. He told me some stuff I didn’t like and it came true.” Enma said. Heise stood up and wondered who they were talking about. It couldn’t have been Hanuman or Son Goku because he’d already met those two. Who was this big guy?

Heise always enjoyed heading to the Water Screen Cave. The land was beautiful and rich and grassy. The forest were wide and the Monkey’s all talked. It was a very friendly place. And like humans, the monkeys ate regular food so training there was a blast. As it would turn out, the big guy was indeed big. He was a large white haired Monkey similar to Enma and Hanuman. Though large and ferocious, GoruGoru was quite the clown. In fact it was often hard to keep a serious conversation with him. GoruGoru was by far the oldest Monkey in the water screen cave and his intelligence and prophecy surpassed everyone else there. Enma and Wukong had decided it was time for Heise to hear his own prophecy.
“Oye Snow rabbit and Summer rabbit what’s up!” GoruGoru shouted to Wukong and Enma. Enma rolled his eyes and Wukong tried to pay him no mind.
“That’s kind of funny” Heise chuckled as he walked up with the two Monkey’s.
“Oh look who it is. Little Nuts the newest sage” GoruGoru said. Heise raised an eyebrow and looked at Wukong and Enma who were laughing hysterically.
“Are you talking about me Great Sage?” Heise asked.
“You have the smallest nuts of all the monkeys.” GoruGoru said as he burst forth into laughter. Heise turned red and heated with anger. Heise turned into his sage mode and launched himself at GoruGoru with his right fist. GoruGoru smiled and countered with his own index finger. The force of GoruGoru’s finger was so strong that it sent Heise crashing back down to the ground.
“I’ll give you that you managed to make my finger singe a bit. But you’re still not as great as my boy Son Goku” GoruGoru said. “Now what is it you’re hear for?” He asked. Enma stood up.
“He needs to know his prophecy!”

About a few hours went by as they waited for GoruGoru who “Meditated” on the prophecy for Heise. Another Hour went by and they realized that GoruGoru was in fact sleeping. It took the combined roars of Enma, Heise, and Wukong to wake GoruGoru.
“Oh I’m sorry!” GoruGoru said as he laughed it off. Enma and Wukong tried to hold themselves together but couldn’t. Heise was more annoyed.
“Old Geezer what’s my prophecy!” Heise yelled. There was a long silence. GoruGoru stared at Heise.
“You will be the rebirth to a memory long forgotten. You will be head to the Statue. And You will be the Eyes of a man. But be weary of those who seem to think they do right by you. You will find those the most troublesome.” He said.

When Heise awoke he was in the wooden home he’d created after returning back to Taki. He closed his eyes and released a breath of fresh air.
“Now all that’s left to do is wait for Hayabusa” He said. He stood up and went outside and began to work on some more new Mokuton Jutsu that he would use in case the time came to it. Once finished Heise would return back inside the Mokuton house where Sabu and Sky also waited for their Master.

1500 Words.
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Spec. Jounin
Spec. Jounin

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Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training]   Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training] EmptyTue Jul 08 2014, 21:18

+ Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
+ Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees
+ 750 EXP
+ 75 Bonus Exp

Inside Mokuton House so All HP Markers Will be gone by tomorrow.
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Country: Taki - Mokuton Hideout [Solo RP][Jutsu Training]
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