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 Hikari to Taki

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PostSubject: Hikari to Taki   Hikari to Taki EmptyTue Jun 17 2014, 05:00

Raijin looked around the village he was a part of before he sighed and shook his head, "again... I must leave and go forth... but where will I travel to?" he said to himself as he walked down the street heading to the docks, upon arrival he looked up at the sky and saw a perfectly clear blue sky before he laughed to himself, "I'd visit Kiri again... but their borders are locked up again, and on top of that I'd best go check out our relations with Taki, to ensure they aren't up to something... they shouldn't be." Raijin added as he purchased his ticket and walked onto the boats deck, he sighed as they trip ensued forwards, "well this should be interesting..." Raijin commented to himself as he sat at the front of the boat the entire trip, during the trip he focused his chakra back into the sword that he used to give his brother the chakra needed to heal Rai.
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Hikari to Taki
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