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PostSubject: Buying   May 27th 2014, 22:28

< - Mansion - - 250K

- - Shakujo – +[Monk Staff]
< Carried by priest and priestess to worn of evil spirits. It can also double as a weapon to protect them from threats besides evil spirits.
Damage: 75
Price: 800 Ryo

- - Long Steel Staff - +
< Steel rod that is made from steel, stands to be 12 ft in length. Can cause great damage when using full force.
Damage: 55
Price: 625 Ryo

- - Zanbatou - +
< Large but powerful blade that has no hilt or guard. Great levels of strength is required to wield this massive beast.
Damage: 80
Price: 900 Ryo

- - Nodachi - +
< Created for samurai generals in time of war. The blade itself was around 12 ft long with a long handle to cope with the blade.
Damage: 70
Price: 800 Ryo

- - Gunbai - Army Arrangement Fan - +
< Created to be a non folding fan, that was made from wood, starting to make its way back into life. It was also designed to have a chain at the end of the pole allowing one to connect a Kunai or Kama to it.
Damage: 20
Affect: +5 WEP DMG with Attached Weapon [CANNOT REMOVE]
Price: 1,200 Ryo

- - Kama – Sickle - +
< Used in the fields by farmers to cut their some of their crops. It was designed to look like a mini scythe. The tool also doubled as a weapon.
Damage: 15
Price: 800 Ryo

- Gourd - +
< Able to be store any kind of liquid or lose form within it, [ie. Sand]. This allows those that use Sand or Water element jutsus easier with the use of this element with chakra.
Affect: Able to Store [Lose or Liquid forms]
Amount: Carry 80 lbs
Price: 2,000 Ryo

- Wooden Staff - -
< Made out of lighter material for practice for staff users.
Affect: +3 Weapon Training Results | [Must be used]
Damage: 5
Placement: Weapon Slot
Price: 750 Ryo

- Shinobi Elite Pouch - -
< Begin through battles and test one is able to carry only the needed for battles and missions.
Affect: Limit of Equipment = [2 Slots | 4 Copies of Equipment]
Placement: Waist
Price: 500 Ryo

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